Jefferson County Journal
St. Louis Suburban Newspapers, Inc.
St. Louis, MO., Wednesday, April 16, 1975

NARCONON (from non-narcosis or the absence of stupor) has been operating drug prevention and rehabilitation programs in penal institutions and local communities since February, 1966. Since the beginning of 1972 the number of NARCONON programs has been doubling every six months with successful programs now operating in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, and Sweden. Officials claim NARCONON as the most successful and rapidly growing drug abuse program in this country, and have statisized an 85 per cent success rate.

NARCONON’s basic approach is one of addressing the source of the problem rather than symptoms, thus enabling the individual to alleviate those factors which led him to turn to drugs.

John Brodie, ex-football star quarterback for the San Francisco 49’ers, currently is director for the NARCONON program in California.

“I am concerned with the increasingly prevalent attitude that drugs are a solution to problems. I feel there is a need for a successful drug abuse program which can offer the drug user 1) a solution to the problems which created the original involvement with drugs, and 2) a means by which he can regain his self awareness and ability to get high on life without drugs. NARCONON offers both. That’s why I am involved with the program,” he stated.

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