Attorney Gives Highest Possible Commendation to Narconon

Attorney Commends Narconon


April 16th 1975

To Whom It May Concern:

It has come to my attention that the Swedish authorities have sought information and counsel from the U.S. Government concerning NARCONON, a non-profit corporation which was founded in 1966 for the reduction of crime and drug abuse.

As defense counsel on a regular basis in the Juvenile and Criminal Courts, it is necessary for me to employ all of the facilities available in the community for aiding and rehabilitating my clients who are in need of assistance.

Without equivocation, of all of the social agencies with which I have had contact over the past two years, NARCONON is the one to which I turn when all other possibilities have vanished. It is staffed with youthful, outgoing, knowledgeable, and dedicated men and women who can communicate properly with their “clients”. Better yet, NARCONON regularly achieves the goals which are established for the rehabilitation of the accused by the prosecuting attorney, the Court, and by myself.

Let me offer my highest possible commendation: that this is the Number One social agency serving the community in the reduction of crime and drug abuse.

Yours very truly,


Albert W. Hilburger