Deputy Probation Officer of Alameda California Impressed With Narconon

CA Probation Officer Impressed With Narconon

County of Alameda, California, Probation Department

June 6, 1975

Narconon Director

As per your request, the following describes my impressions and observations relative to the Narconon program.

I, LaVerne L. Spence, Adult Division, supervise a standard female caseload, and became aware of the Narconon program, located in Berkeley, November 1974. One of my clients started with the Narconon program prior to my taking over the present case load and during our first interview, this Officer made in-depth inquiry into the structure and functional aspects of the Narconon program. My client’s assessment of the program and the changes that took place in her life led me to seek out additional information regarding the processes that take place in that program. I was provided with descriptive literature, invited to look the facility over and also invited to attend their bimonthly Friday night open-house meetings and social hour. I was favorably impressed with their operations and then proceeded to make referrals when appropriate. Probably the one factor that was most impressive was to see my clients before and after Narconon and listen to their testimonials supportive of the training and rehabilitation they were receiving.

Although the program deals with drugs and the abuse thereof, it does not limit their population to drug users, therefore creating a group atmosphere that is realistically more like the one the outside community provides. I feel very strongly that the work the staff does to have their clients reach their full potential in areas of self-esteem, worth and actualization does certainly have a more lasting effect on a person toward the attainment of complete rehabilitation.

Based on observations and contacts with staff at Narconon, there appears to be a high level of dedication and a sincere interest in the persons with whom they are working. The probationer who first introduced this Officer to Narconon is presently on staff and continues to work very hard to get others involved and motivated to take advantage of the rehabilitative process that she has experienced.

Very truly yours,



By: LaVerne L. Spence
Deputy Probation Officer

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