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Narconon Grand Opening in Los Angeles

Southern California Narconon
new life….without drugs

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Los Angeles, California 90017

Volume 1 Issue 1 August 1972 - Narconon New Life Without Drugs

A publication of Narconon Southern California


On July first Narconon’s first Public Program was opened in Los Angeles. The house will serve as office and home for the staff and members of the New Life Program until expansion makes possible better arrangements.


Dorn and Sandy

| |—| | Commissioner Dorn (R) and Sandy Leonard (L) inaugurate Narconon’s New Life Program. |

Dorn and Sandy

Commissioner Dorn ® and Sandy
Leonard (L) inaugurate Narconon’s
New Life Program.–>


This is the first news publication from New Life, Narconon Southern California. New Life is a drug prevention and rehabilitation program that works. New Life is led by energetic Paul Leonard, from Detroit, and his capable staff Ben and Cora Gibson, Hank Deneke, and Bradley Gill.

Narconon was founded in 1966 in Arizona State Prison by Willie Benitez and has been an overwhelming success, sporting an astonishing 86% won-lost average. It has now come out of the prison systems and is gaining wide spread support from the public. New Life wants your support. We have seen first hand what drugs can do to an individual, society, and groups of individuals. Let us know how we can help you. By won-lost average we mean that eighty-six per-cent of the people who have gone through our program have kicked their habit and/or have not returned to prison.

New Life extends special thanks to Dan Smey who has most generously donated to us a Radial Saw and a twelve cubic foot refrigerator. In view of these contributions and his continued assistance, New Life has awarded Dan with the complete New Life Program.

While handing out validations, a big one goes to the great comedian, Tom Solari, of the team of Solari and Carr who donated a fine desk. It seems Tom knows what is needed and wanted.

New faces at New Life……New Life welcomes Bradley Gill from Montclair, New Jersey. Bradleyís position on staff is Narconon Communications Office Executive Secretary. New students on the program are Steve Katus from New York. Steve was vice-president of Brooklyn B’nai B’rith AZA. Welcome also Norma Valle from Puerto Rico, and John Duff and Jorja Mora from El Centro, California. John and Jorja are training to start a New Life Program in E1 Centro. Our students are bright and eager to learn more about the handling of life.

New Life will soon have another new face, Tory D. of the Ventura School. Tory is being paroled to New Life and will be trained here. Tory will intern here and at the Ventura School. He then plans to help set up the New Life Program in El Centro. Until our next edition we wish you peace, love and happiness.

Staff Reporter
Tony Blount


As one investigates the statistics of institutions of correction and reform or mental health he will become increasingly aware of a large number of recurring patients or inmates. This occurs if the patient or inmate has been fortunate enough to survive his dealings with the world. We feel the reason for these recurrences is the individualís inability to deal with his problems of survival. And, also, that he hasn’t been sufficiently trained by the institutions of correction or mental health to deal with these problems. In other words, when the patient or inmate leaves these institutions he is still not cured. He is still very susceptible to detrimental influences, especially involving his old world of ethics, the one he has lived and formed through most of his life. The nature of society makes it difficult for this person to find companionship and reinforcement for his positive goals. Often he returns to the very forces which brought about his problems in the first place.

At this point he is still not able to deal with these influences. Often these encounters will tend to recreate the patterns which led to the personís original incarceration.

Or, take for example, the patient who finds or thinks that he has been “cured” and wants to stay “cured”- let us suppose, that upon his release, he is so determined that he goes out and looks for “healthy” friends, “respected members” of the community. This, at first glance, seems to be the correct path. Unfortunately, these people, whom he now associates with, most likely never had his problems and perhaps are not even aware of his problem. Of course, they’re not dealing with such problems. In emulating these “healthy” people this still uncured individual is constantly put in situations which are increasingly difficult to confront. The social pot smoker will throw the ex-drugger for a loop. The social drinker will not help the ex-wino’s outlook either. The results are easy to imagine and it’s easy to see why a large number of these determined people also return to their problems, which by the way, have never really been solved, merely put aside.

Here is where Narconon training enters the picture. Narconon technology trains the individual to confront his problems whatever they are. The New Life Program creates space, healthy space for the free person who still has problems to live, work and confront life in all of its manifestations. This is a life or death proposition for the ex-drugger. Narconon paves the way.


I have had many successes in the last ten months, but one of the biggest has to do with drugs and my environment. When I was fourteen I took my first illegal drug. It was at this period of my life that problems arose that I was not able to confront by myself. A problem being something I wanted and cou1dn’t have or something I didn’t want and had to have.

So, for the next six years, I used drugs from Marijuana to Heroin. I also spent time in juvenile halls, jails and brigs.

In 1971 I was looking for something better; happiness and more understanding about myself. Because of my unhappiness I have found it. This program has helped me to communicate, and I now confront my problems and resolve them.

I am now a supervisor in training for Narconon and I work with drug addicts with problems - problems that I had to confront and solve.

I can be around drugs and drug addicts and not have any wants or cravings for drugs, because I have solved the source or cause for wanting to be high in the first place. I have obtained a natural high with knowledge, understanding, truth and helping others.

John Duff

Narconon is a tax-exempt organization. All contributions are tax-deductible.

EDITORIAL STAFF: Steve Katus-Editor, Sandy Leonard-Proofs, Jorja Mora-Typist