Director of Delaware Adult Corrections Wants to Expand Narconon

Delaware Narconon Expansion

State of Delaware
Division of Adult Corrections

September 22, 1972

Mr. Mark Jones

Dear Mr. Jones:

I too share your concern about the need to insure the continued success of the Narconon program in our agency.

Mr. Jaye truly did an outstanding job in the organization and initiation of the program at our Delaware Correctional Institution; however, knowing inmates as I do, more often than not their initial enthusiasm soon wanes if they are left on their own.

Furthermore, I have an interest in expanding the program to another institution and also into the community involving probationers and parolees.

I have discussed this situation briefly with Dr. William H. Duncan, our new Director of the Office of Drug Abuse, and it would be helpful if you could give me some idea of the estimated cost involved in properly staffing this kind of continued effort.

Please be assured that we want to do everything possible to continue the good start that has been made.



John J. Moran

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