What is it Like to be Toxic?

person with a toxic body from drug use

When a person abuses drugs and alcohol for years, the body is stressed with the toxic load that is being poured into it. Every drug and type of alcohol is toxic, and the body, particularly the liver, must deal with these toxins to protect its health as much as possible. Each substance is broken down into simpler parts and then eliminated from the body.

Except that they don’t all get eliminated. When drugs are broken down by the body, the results are called “metabolites.” When a person is drug tested, these tests are looking for the metabolites of various drugs. Some of these metabolites remain in the body after the bulk of the drugs are eliminated through urine, feces, and sweat.

Because drugs and their metabolites both tend to bond to fatty substances, there can be residues that lodge in fatty tissues in the body. Even a thin person has some body fat, if only as a cushion between organs. Therefore, after years or even decades of drug or alcohol abuse, a person is carrying a hidden load of drug toxins in his or her body. These toxins have shown to affect mood, outlook, and clarity of thinking, even years after drug abuse stops. Experience has shown that they are involved in the triggering of cravings as well as there have been many reports of cravings reducing or being eliminated once the toxins have been flushed out of the body.

Does an Addicted Person Know He is Toxic?

It is probably the farthest thing from an addicted person’s mind. The compulsion to use drugs is so strong that an addicted person can only think about how to get next dose of drugs that are needed.

The continuous use of drugs like alcohol, heroin, cocaine or prescription medications prevent the person from being able to feel the damaging effects of drug abuse. If a heroin or painkiller addict were to withdraw from drugs, he would feel the total effects of all the toxicity, depletion and exhaustion of the body’s resources. But by using more opiates, those pains go away and all he is aware of is the euphoria created by the drug.

Eliminating the Toxins

One of the earliest steps of the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is a deep detoxification step that flushes these toxins out of their hiding places. To bring about a person who can truly and honestly enjoy a sober life, the residual effects of these drugs must be eliminated. Once these residues are gone, a new freshness and brightness of outlook results. Most people also talk about the reduction of cravings they experience. Some people even say their cravings are completely gone.

New Life Detox

This detox employs a sauna, a strict nutritional regimen, and moderate daily exercise. This combination activates the body’s ability to unlock those residues and get rid of them. This phase of recovery is called The Narconon New Life Detoxification.

Here’s how some people who have gone through this service described the result:

“The sauna program cleaned the drugs out of my system and gave me my energy back and truly made me feel alive again.” B.H.

“Completing the sauna portion of the program was amazing! I felt more energized, refreshed, and purified physically than I remember feeling since I was a kid. My mind felt clearer than it had in years.” K.C.

“My body felt clean from the inside out after doing the sauna drug detoxification program. Life is a joy without drugs. I now have natural ’highs’ better than I ever did on drugs. I enjoy being me and living life drug-free.” C.M.

“Ridding my body of these drug toxins lifted the obsession to use drugs along with that constant feeling of depression. It also made my body feel like it felt five years earlier before I ever even touched a drug.” V.C.

“I have energy and my health back. My senses are alive again. I am no longer living in darkness or a fog. I have a drive for life that I had lost. I do not crave drugs in any way.” L.C.

A Complete Drug Rehabilitation

The Narconon New Life Detoxification provides a much more complete rehabilitation after drug addiction than just counseling or support groups can provide. There is nothing that can replace the relief of feeling the physical burden of drug abuse being lifted. Learn how the Narconon drug rehab program can help restore someone you care about to the full enjoyment of a productive life.