Drug Rehab for San Antonio, Texas

An addict cares for nothing except satisfying his cravings for drugs - not family, friends, past goals he set or even his own safety. His search for the next pill or drink runs his life. The only way out of this trap and toward a future filled with success and prosperity is to find a drug rehab in the San Antonio area that will provide lasting sobriety.

Narconon Program for San Antonio residents

A solution and freedom from the trap of addiction is finally here at Narconon South Texas in Harlingen. The Narconon drug rehab in Texas is only a little over four hours from San Antonio and provides a long-term residential facility where an addict can recover from drug abuse in comfortable surroundings. These Rio Grande Valley services are for any person in Texas who is searching for an effective drug rehab.

Unfortunately, many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers employ the use of substitute medications, which in reality only trades one addiction for another. These drugs, including methadone, Suboxone, buprenorphine and others, are themselves addictive and the addict can find it difficult to then withdraw from them. In some cases, it is harder to withdraw from these drugs of treatment than it would have been from the original drug. One of the alternative to substitute drugs is the fact that no substitute drugs are used throughout the program.

Drug-free Withdrawal is Just the First Step

Many addicts have attempted withdrawal before in an effort to escape the addiction trap that is destroying their lives. They know the many difficulties of withdrawal - the aches, the pains, the discomforts. There is no need to fear withdrawal at Narconon. This drugless withdrawal is made more tolerable through the use of nutritional support, relaxation techniques and reorientation exercises. Generous nutrition helps replenish nutrients lost in long-term drug abuse. Relaxation techniques delivered by experienced staff help to ease the aches and pains of withdrawal. Reorientation techniques assist the addicted person to become oriented in his new safe and drug-free environment.

Shortly after withdrawal, the recovering addict begins The Narconon New Life Detoxification. Here drug residues and other toxins are flushed from the body. This is an important aspect of recovery. Stored drugs stay lodged in the fatty tissues of the body, able to be released into the blood stream under the right conditions. They have been involved in the triggering of drug cravings, even years after drug use has ceased. To help proof a recovering addict against relapse, getting rid of these drug residues is vital.

The final phase of the Narconon program is the Narconon Life Skill Courses. These courses provide an education in learning to live an ethical, productive and drug-free life once back home. An example of such a course is the Changing Conditions in Life Course where the student confronts the damage he or she caused in the lifestyle of drug abuse and learns to repair relationships and situations in their life that were harmed by addiction.

The Holistic Narconon Program is the Road to Recovery

Bexar County and San Antonio are prime production areas for crack cocaine, powder methamphetamine and marijuana. Wide availability of illicit drugs makes the temptations too great sometimes to be resisted for recovered addicts. However, with the Narconon program having a 70 percent success rate in lasting sobriety, an addict can achieve the path to a life without drugs and a happy and successful future.

An addicted person in San Antonio can get lasting freedom from the devastating consequences of drug abuse through the alternative program offered by the Narconon center in Harlingen. Call Narconon today.