Drug Rehab for Corpus Christi, Texas

When a person is addicted to drugs, it is devastating to his family, friends and destructive of the society we live in. An addict is helpless, caught up in a storm of addiction and cravings. There is also the possibility of him being involved in drug-related crime and violence. The necessity of finding lasting recovery for an addict becomes of paramount importance. The solution is with the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Harlingen, Texas.

Drug traffickers haunt Corpus Christi, providing a wide array of illicit drugs. In fact, in 2010 a large ring of drug traffickers were convicted of selling hundreds of grams of methamphetamine. Naturally, this conviction does not mean the end of trafficking in Corpus Christi. With so many drugs available to residents, it’s imperative to find an effective drug rehab in Corpus Christi. Only a short distance away, Narconon South Texas in Harlingen provides addicts lasting sobriety and a chance at a happy and productive life.

Proofing an Addict against Relapse Heals Addicted Lives in Corpus Christi

When an addict finishes a treatment program, he often returns to his life to face the same stresses and challenges he faced in his life before addiction. These could be factors that led to his using drugs in the first place. One aspect of the Narconon recovery program is to teach the recovering individual how to deal with these stresses and difficulties in life.

Narconon Life Skills Courses teach the student how to make drug-free decisions and how to lead an honest and ethical life without turning to a pill or drink to solve his problems. For instance, the Communications and Perceptions Course shows the recovering individual how to improve vitally needed communication skills. In addition, study of this course can restore perceptions that were dulled through long-term drug or alcohol abuse.

Once Through a Drugless Withdrawal, Detoxification Works Wonders

Many drug rehab centers use substitute drugs such as methadone, Suboxone and buprenorphine to ease the cravings for drugs. Unfortunately, these drugs are just as addictive as the addict’s drug of choice. To use substitute medications is only replacing one addiction for another. Narconon uses no drugs of any kind throughout the program. Drugless withdrawal is made more tolerable by employing generous nutritional support. This not only helps the body withstand the discomforts of withdrawal but also replaces vital nutrients lost in long-term drug use.

Not many people are aware of the fact that drugs do not completely leave the body after someone has stopped all drug use. Drug residues stay in the body, lodged in the fatty tissues. The Narconon New Life Detoxification is an innovative way to flush out these poisons. This is important because stored drugs have been involved in the triggering of drug cravings for years after drug use has ceased. This drug detoxification goes far in helping to prevent relapse at a later time.

Corpus Christi Desperately Needs an Alternative Drug Rehab

So close to the towns near the Mexico/US border where drugs pour into Texas in quantity, Corpus Christi is no stranger to all the crime and violence related to drug abuse in Southern Texas. Proofing an addict against factors leading to a relapse after a drug rehab program is completed is of vital importance.

With a 70 percent success rate in providing lasting recovery, Narconon South Texas in Harlingen is helping addicts get on the right path. Addicted individuals finally have a chance to achieve a life of integrity and ethical behavior, with a lasting freedom from addiction. Contact a Narconon drug rehab counselor today.