Drug Rehab for Spain

Addiction is a horrible fate, and those who become addicted always swear that if they had known what it was like, they never would have started using drugs. Unfortunately, many don’t have the education necessary to make rational decisions when it comes to taking illicit drugs. They receive false information and encouragement from peers. Once addicted, life becomes a constant struggle of appeasing the cravings which drive the person. Relationships, opportunities and dreams are destroyed. The only solution is to find an effective drug rehab for Spain that can end this misery and provide lasting sobriety.

To make matters worse, Spain is heavily targeted by drug traffickers. Cocaine, heroin, hashish and synthetic drugs are smuggled into the country from South America, Morocco, Afghanistan and the Netherlands. The amount of amphetamines seized in raids has doubled in a one-year period. This highlights the need for a workable drug rehab, as the wide availability of drugs can easily lead to relapse for a recovering addict.

The Narconon drug rehabilitation and drug prevention center in Sevilla, Spain, is approaching Spain’s drug problem with a two-pronged approach. Drug education given to children and parents as well as teens and young adults goes a long way to preventing drug abuse in the population. Workable drug rehabilitation means that addicts have, finally, a chance at lasting recovery.

Narconon Saves Addicted Lives Every Day around the World

Narconon has centers in countries around the world, all with the same effective program. This program has decades of success in providing lasting recovery and has gotten addicts off drugs or alcohol with a high rate of success. No addictive substitute drugs such as methadone, Suboxone or buprenorphine are used during treatment. Drug replacement therapy only results in replacing one addiction with another.

Drugless withdrawal is the first step and is made more comfortable in a number of ways. First and foremost, the recovering addict takes generous nutritional supplements which help replenish essential nutrients lost in an addicted lifestyle. Additionally, the trained and experienced staff deliver one-on-one assistance and careful monitoring throughout withdrawal to ensure the person is as comfortable as possible.

Helping to Prevent Relapse is an Important Aspect of the Narconon Program

Drug residues are stored in the body, in the fatty tissues, for a long time after someone has stopped using drugs. These residual toxins can be released during even minor moments of stress, and have been known to be involved in triggering drug cravings. To eliminate residual drugs, The Narconon New Life Detoxification employs a regimen of moderate exercise, vitamin and mineral supplements and time in a low heat sauna. This effectively flushes the residues from the body and clears the body and mind. Many who complete this phase of the Narconon program state that their cravings have completely disappeared.

In the lifestyle of an addicted person, life skills are impaired. He loses the ability to deal with setbacks in life or relationships. His communication abilities have suffered. The Narconon Life Skills Courses give a recovering addict the ability to get back into life and face problems and challenges without the need to turn again to drugs or alcohol. He learns how to restore his integrity and self-respect. He finds he can take better responsibility and therefore live an honest and productive life.

Spain Being Targeted by Drug Cartels

Drug smugglers work in Spain to distribute drugs throughout the country. Recently a ship was found carrying three tons of cocaine off the Spanish coast. It was stopped by officials near the port of Cadiz, twenty-one crew and ten others being detained in Madrid after seizure of the illegal goods.

The Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel has targeted Spain in its illegal drug operations. Attempting to set up an illegal smuggling operation in Europe, four members of this criminal group were found and detained in Madrid. The Interior Ministry noted that Spain is being used as an entry point for drug trafficking into Europe. With marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine being so readily available, it is vital that any addict have an extremely effective drug rehab so he or she can live without the physical cravings for drugs driving them to begin again a life of drug abuse.

Narconon is a workable drug rehab for Spain with a holistic treatment that truly provides lasting recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. It has a 70% success rate, one of the highest in the world. Contact the Narconon center today.