Problem Solving Skills Are Essential to Recovery

What a Drug Rehab Should Have: Problem Solving

When a person starts using drugs or drinking, it may seem like fun. But for too many people, it soon becomes an easy escape from issues that he (or she) doesn’t want to face. An argument with parents or a spouse, failing grades, a setback at work, a relationship breakup—it seems so easy to blot it out with drugs.

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And it works—the problem seems to go away. But the cost can be the loss of one’s whole life.

When a person finally gets on the road to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, he is going to have to learn how to solve these problems to maintain a lasting sobriety. Without that skill, the next setback or problem that looks hard to resolve might send the person right back into substance abuse again.

This is a major factor in relapse. A person going through rehab must do much more than just get sober. He must once again engage with his own survival, take control of his life and know he has the ability to walk forward. No matter what problems come up, he must be able to hold his ground.

Communication Important to Problem-Solving Skills

It may almost seem too simple to say that communication skills are essential to rehabilitation. But gaining real ability in this area is key to being able to solve problems. When someone learns how to communicate effectively with other people in his life, he can solve his difficulties more easily.

A person who has spent years or even decades abusing drugs loses this simple ability. He is so accustomed to telling lies and manipulating people that honest interaction with others is now just about impossible. In a very gradual approach, the Narconon program restores one’s basic ability to communicate.

For many people, this is the first time they have faced another person without flinching and just listened to what they had to say in many years. It’s a turning point—a new direction—one that points toward sobriety.

Narconon Teaches Communication and Problem-Solving Skills

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A person who comes to the Narconon rehabilitation program to recover from drug or alcohol abuse will have the opportunity to learn and practice communicating effectively with others. He also can learn many other important life skills, including making decisions that will be the most beneficial to him, his family and his community. There are courses to help him recover his personal integrity and moral values. All of these together can help him to take responsibility for his life and help him to make better choices in the future.

Amy Recovered from Drug Abuse and Mended her Family Relationships

Amy recovered from drug abuse at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma. Amy said that before the Narconon program nobody trusted her, she had been disowned by her mother and was not able to have a relationship with her family. After completing the full Narconon program, Amy said, “My responsibility level went up, I was really able to mend things with my family and I became more focused on my future.”

Amy learned many skills for solving her problems at Narconon. She improved her ability to communicate. She managed to take responsibility for her life and her decisions. She also fully recovered from her pattern of drug abuse.

Problem solved!

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