Developing Interpersonal Skills is Crucial for Rehab

What a Drug Rehab Should Have: Interpersonal Development

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When a person gets caught up in the web of drug abuse, he may begin to hang out with a whole new group of people. His old friends and family may be forgotten about as he goes about his life, just trying to get more drugs. His most important daily interaction may be seeing his dealer to try to stay “up” or at least avoid a crash and withdrawal from whatever drug he is taking. The sad part of this is that he isn’t usually aware he is leaving loved ones out of his life. Due to his overwhelming drive to get more drugs, he will normally alienate those who love him most.

Family members may depend on him to do something only to later be disappointed that he “forgot” or “had other things to do.” His life becomes a web of deceit and secrets. His family and old friends may not realize that drugs are the reason behind his changes in behavior. Gradually, he builds up a burden of guilt for the lies he has told and the harm he has done to others and this creates even more alienation. Without relief, the loss of interpersonal skills can be one part of the trap that keeps a person addicted.

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Recovery Includes Restoring Friendships and Keeping Friends

When an addicted person starts on the road to lasting sobriety and is recovering from a pattern of drug abuse, he also needs to know how to restore interpersonal relationships. He needs to come to terms with himself and with those he may have left behind. He also needs to learn how to choose positive people to associate with. Lacking those skills, he may once again fall in with the wrong crowd, believing that drug dealers and drug abusers are his friends.

The World Health Organization includes interpersonal skills and knowing how to make and keep friends as two vital aspects of a rehab program.

Narconon Helps Those Recovering to Develop Interpersonal Skills

Fortunately for those who go to a Narconon drug and alcohol rehab center to recover from drug abuse, developing interpersonal skills is an important part of the life skills program. Communication skills are so important that two courses at Narconon are devoted to helping the person learn to communicate better with others. When one can communicate honestly and receive honest communication from others, life’s relationships become much easier.

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Another course involves taking stock of one’s own life and actions which helps the person become more honest with himself, restoring his personal integrity. Another part of the Narconon program is devoted to helping the person learn to see characteristics of different types of people. He can learn the traits of the social and antisocial personality. With this knowledge, he is better able to choose his friends. And knowing these traits can help him avoid becoming friends with people who would lead him into destructive activities.

Kim Restores Friendships, Family Relationships with Help from Narconon

Kim was feeling no hope for her future and her life was very stressful before she found Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma. She said she’d tried other programs before, but she continued to go back to using drugs.

When she finished the entire Narconon program, Kim was visibly relieved. She said, “I have my family back and they have their daughter back. My sister and I are really best friends. She has her sister back and I have my sister back. It is great to have the trust back with my family again. It’s the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.”

The skills she learned at Narconon helped Kim to restore relationships with her family and friends.

You can help your loved one to restore loving relationships with the help of Narconon.

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