Coping with Stress is Part of Recovery

What a Drug Rehab Should Have:
Coping with Stress

A person who is overburdened with stress may try to escape by using drugs or alcohol. And to him or her, it may work for a while. He can forget his troubles and it seems like nothing bothers him. Drugs take him away from the emotional pain and the roller coaster of ups and downs that occurs from arguing with his parents, her boyfriend or his girlfriend, or failing in school or on the job. At first, it seems so easy to escape the pain with drugs.

addict escaping stress with drugs

But the price of such an escape can be too huge—it can even cost a person his life.

By the time a person has turned to drugs or alcohol, he probably has tried other ways to cope with the stress in his life but found he still could not deal with it. There are few people who have all the skills they need to cope with severe stress in their lives.

Recovery Should Include Dealing with Stress

Learning how to deal with problems without resorting to drugs or alcohol as an escape is a vital part of recovery. The person recovering from drug abuse needs to develop tools that he can effectively use so that he can confront his problems and the stresses of living. With the right tools, he can face issues more directly and come up with effective solutions that make life productive and enjoyable.

solving problems

Part of the World Health Organization’s recommendations for a successful recovery program includes that it teaches the person how to deal with stress.

Narconon Helps One Learn Coping Skills

When one comes to a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program center for recovery, he will have the opportunity to learn what actually causes stress in his life and how to deal with stress. Since violation of one’s own innate morality is a severe source of stress, he will learn fundamental lessons on personal morals and how integrity is lost. He then learns the procedure to find relief from that loss that brings back the ability to live according to one’s own moral compass.

Through the application of these principles, each person has an opportunity to repair the damage he may have caused by finally accepting responsibility for actions he regrets.

Another course in the Narconon program teaches him the characteristics of the social and anti-social personality. Anti-social people will normally be found at the heart of stressful issues. When he can identify these people, the stress in his life will be much more under his control.

In order to better confront the issues that he must face, he can learn how to face another person without flinching, even when the other person really bothers him and tries to introvert or upset him. With this ability, each person learns to rise above the pressures that others might want to place on one.

Coping with stress is one aspect of the improvements that students at Narconon learn as part of the life skills component of this comprehensive rehab program.

James Recovered His Life at Narconon

James arrived at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma after trying several other unsuccessful rehab programs. He said he experienced ups and downs prior to coming to Narconon, and that this was his last attempt at getting help.

He said the Narconon program helped him find out why he did drugs in the first place and that he confronted that which allowed him to take a step forward and not be worried about the past any longer.

About the Narconon program, he concluded, “It works! It’s what you’ve been looking for in all these different things you tried. There is no missing link. This is the total package.

You or your family member can recover from drug or alcohol addiction and gain valuable coping skills through the Narconon program.

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