Personal Abilities that are Lacking or Have Been Harmed

Factors of Relapse: Abilities

Heavy substance abuse brings about moral decay and the loss of normal life abilities. As you have already seen, the Narconon program guides each person through life skills training that offers many fundamentals of living a successful life.

When families who had contacted Narconon were asked what they wanted most as a result of rehab for a loved one, of course, they wanted him or her to be drug-free. But most of all they wanted him to have a productive, enjoyable life. Maintaining this kind of life requires abilities that are commonly destroyed by addiction.

Personal Disabilities

angry man with out-of-control emotions

By the time a person arrives at a Narconon or other rehab center, he may long have been struggling with the following disabilities:

  • Inability to communicate well
  • Inability to deal with adversity, setbacks
  • Inability to handle other people’s emotions, hostility
  • Inability to solve problems
  • Inability to impose self-discipline, self-control
  • Inability to study, learn
  • Inadequate objectivity, inability to analyze
  • Inability to complete a task
  • Insufficient personal values to guide decisions
woman staring lifelessly out window

These disabilities are glaringly obvious to family and friends, but the addicted person himself was just living day to day, chasing drugs or drink and trying to keep some feeble kind of existence together.

The Narconon Program Improves a Person’s Life and Abilities

As he progresses through the phases of the Narconon program, these disabilities begin to unravel, replaced by usable, practical skills in day-to-day living. As has been commented before, no one is going to graduate from the Narconon program in perfect condition. The emphasis is on knowing how to walk an upward path to greater success in life with satisfaction in one’s achievements. Drugs or alcohol are not needed to dull the pain.

Here, then, is the complete outline of the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.


Well-supported with nutritional support and one-on-one help from staff to stay oriented, relaxed and positive. Special techniques help ease discomfort and painful symptoms associated with drug withdrawal.

drug-free withdrawal

Narconon New Life Detoxification

The sauna-based detox that uses a precise regimen of nutritional supplementation and moderate daily exercise to enable the body to dislodge and flush out old drug residues. An improved outlook and clearer thinking result.

New Life Detox area


The Objectives are a series of exercises that help a person increase control over their body, mind, emotions, and perceptions. Not only does each person benefit personally from these exercises but in working with other students on the program also take responsibility for their improvement. This is an integral part of his recovery.

students on objective exercises

The Ups and Downs in Life Course

The first of the Life Skills courses, this course teaches the characteristics of an antisocial personality whose “friendship” will only lead to loss and grief as compared to the social personality who should be defended and supported. Each student also learns how to handle each type of personality and spot those people in his past who had caused him to struggle in life.

The Personal Values Course

This is often a pivotal course for those in recovery. This course teaches what integrity is made of, how it can be lost and, best of all, how it can be recovered. By working through the exercises on this course, it is common for those in recovery to experience considerable relief from the harm they have done to themselves and others. This is a major milestone in the person’s healing.

woman feeling relief and happiness

Changing Conditions in Life Course

Here is where each person learns to estimate accurately how positive or negative a situation in life really is. He also gains the tools to keep a good situation improving or remedy one that is negative. With these tools, a person can begin to repair the problems that may still haunt him from his addicted days.

Future Planning

With an experienced Narconon staff member, each graduating person assembles his future plan for the return home, using everything he has learned so far. After he returns home, Narconon staff follow up on a regular basis to provide any assistance needed to implement their plan.

When a person is truly willing and applies himself to each step, the disabilities listed above can yield to this lineup of services. This is how the Narconon program enables the those who choose this program to stay sober after they get home.

confident woman

Five Decades of Results

Wherever the Narconon program is delivered anywhere in the world, this is the program a person follows.

Contact Narconon today to find out how to help someone you love build a new, lasting, sober life.

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