Prescription Drug Rehab

There are two ways that people become addicted to prescription drugs:

  • They start taking the drug legitimately and then progress to abuse
  • They start out using the drug recreationally.
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Whichever route a person takes, the fact of the matter is that effective rehabilitation will recover them from the destructive depths of addiction and return them to a sober, productive life.

When a person has spent a period of time–perhaps even years–addicted, they routinely suffer from guilt and depression and have damaged or destroyed the loving relationships around them. They have lost their self-respect and honesty. It can be hard for them to envision ever feeling enjoyment without being stoned or high. At Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers around the world, even this depth of damage can be reversed.

The Narconon program is a comprehensive approach to repairing this damage. In an average of eight to ten weeks, those who have been addicted can recover the brightness and productiveness that was theirs before addiction. Families can see their loved ones come back to them again.

Beginning Recovery with a Tolerable Withdrawal

The recovery starts with a tolerable withdrawal process. As soon as a person arrives at a Narconon rehab center, they are given generous doses of nutritional supplements that help the body adjust to withdrawal by correcting deficiencies created by drug use.

Complete Drug Detox

Soon after withdrawal is complete, each recovering addict embarks on a therapeutic program of deep detoxification that helps reduce cravings - some people even say they are completely gone when finish this step. It’s a sauna-based program that also uses moderate daily exercise and a strict regimen of nutritional supplements to activate the body’s ability to flush out old drug toxins.

Flush Drug Toxins

As these toxins are fat-bonding, they tend to lodge in the fatty tissues of the body where they can remain for years. These residues can be involved in the triggering of cravings, even years after drug abuse stops. As they are flushed out, cravings tend to reduce and thinking gets clearer. Those completing this step often comment that their energy and outlook improve as well.

New Life Skills are Needed to Maintain Sobriety

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The next step in recovery is to learn the life skills that will keep one safe and sober in the future. Without knowing how to meet life’s challenges with confidence, it can be easy to step back into drug abuse. By learning such skills as knowing how to choose friends that will support your sobriety, being able to turn a bad situation around to a positive one, and understanding how to recover and maintain your personal integrity, a new sober life becomes a reality.

Prescription Pain Relievers are the Most Commonly-Abused Prescription Drug

In the US alone, more than seven million people abuse a prescription drug each year. The United Nations World Drug Report for 2011 notes the growing prescription drug abuse problem not only in the US but also in Europe and developing countries as well. In particular, Costa Rica, Estonia, New Zealand and Brazil have higher than average rates of opioid abuse.

Opiates and opioids suppress breathing so an overdose of prescription pain relievers can cause death, particularly when mixed with alcohol.

In conventional rehab centers, it is customary to prescribe methadone or buprenorphine to prevent opiate withdrawal symptoms. But when tolerable withdrawal is possible the Narconon way, it is better to skip these addictive drugs and proceed straight to sobriety.

Drugs Handed Out for ADHD Diagnoses are Often Abused by Students

In schools across the country, students are sharing and abusing drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall that are handed out to anyone who meets the questionable criteria for various attention deficit disorders. Because these drugs are stimulants, students use them to stay up late to study for tests or finish assignments. Yet these drugs are addictive and can lead to increased body temperature and irregular heartbeat or even heart failure. Hostility and paranoia can also result.

Anti-Anxiety Drugs are Linked to Many Deaths

For anxiety and sleeplessness, hundreds of thousands of Americans are prescribed benzodiazepines each year. In 2008, more than 60,000 people reported that they were abusing benzodiazepines when they were admitted to treatment. Since in general, only about one person out of ten who need addiction treatment receive it, this may mean that more than half a million are addicted to these drugs.

In the last decade, this class of drug has been involved in the deaths of several celebrities, including Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, Amy Winehouse and possibly Whitney Houston.

The road to safety and sobriety lies straight ahead when you choose the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Our rehab centers are located on six continents around the world. Call today to find the center nearest you.

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