Teaching Morals and Responsibility

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When drug or alcohol abuse consumes a person’s life, one of the first things to go is the person’s ability to make rational, moral choices. He (or she) can no longer make the kind of simple judgments that the unaddicted can make easily. The addict will feel that getting and using drugs is more important than caring for his or her children, holding a job or being a responsible citizen. That is the kind of domination that addictive drug cravings have over the addict. It’s like the addict is in prison with no possibility of escape.

An addict’s family sees the wreckage of this loss of morals and responsibility very clearly:

  • Valuables belonging to the addict or family are sold or pawned for drugs
  • The spouse and children are neglected and may be abused
  • The physical condition and appearance of the addicted person deteriorate badly
  • The addict skips most family functions and if he does show up, he is likely to be impaired
  • Jobs or even entire businesses are lost
  • There are constant demands for money with endless excuses about why the money is needed
  • The person will tell any lie he feels is needed to get people to leave him alone
  • The person is very likely to turn to criminal acts like drug dealing, theft or prostitution to fund the addiction.

Repairing Oneself

 It is obvious that an effective rehabilitation program must include components that enable a person to repair this deterioration of morals and responsibility. This aspect of addiction is covered in the later phases of the Narconon program. First, a person must experience relief from some of the most intense physical and emotional symptoms associated with drug abuse and withdrawal. Improved basic communication skills and The Narconon New Life Detoxification brighten his outlook. He then proceeds to practice a new, heightened level of confronting in life and ability to communicate that will be needed for the following steps.

Teachings and Skills

 What then follows in the Narconon program is a study of three essential life skills courses that cover such points as:

  • Understanding that anti-social personalities exist plus how to identify and handle them if one has such associates.

  • Learning how living by a personal code of honor results in a life of integrity

  • Developing problem-solving skills to prevent setbacks that could lead to relapse

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Using the Skills

 In each case, the principles studied must be translated into practical life experience. Each Narconon student must apply these principles to free himself from past losses and guilt. As he does so, he begins to build himself a bright new future, based on more ethical fundamentals.

Regaining of Honesty

 It is very common on these steps for the participants to experience significant relief and a resurgence of their innate honesty and ability. As one graduate has stated, “I got my life back. I know exactly who I am, what I want and what I am capable of. I have morals, values, and integrity. I have let go of the past and I am ready to move on to the future. I am happy to be who I am.” W.W.

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