Drug Rehab for
Lake Charles, Louisiana

Bridge in Lake Charles Louisiana

There are many dangers inherent in addiction. An addict faces not only the possibility of drug-related crime and violence becoming a part of his life or severe illness and even death from overdose, but others around him are in danger as well. On our back roads and highways, others are killed because of irresponsible actions taken by those under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Because of stupid mistakes made by addicts in the workplace, businesses suffer.

An addict hangs by his fingertips on the edge of complete destruction. The only way to pull him back from this abyss is to find an effective drug rehab that will provide him the opportunity to achieve lasting sobriety. With the Narconon Louisiana drug and alcohol rehabilitation center not far from Lake Charlies, that opportunity is available.

Narconon Louisiana

 At the Narconon Louisiana residential drug rehabilitation center in Denham Springs, an addict has the chance to get back a life without drugs. He will find a comfortable long-term facility where he can go through a program that addresses all aspects of both physical and mental dependency, achieving lasting recovery. This residential center is only a little over two hours away from Lake Charles.

Learning How to Live a Drug-free Life is Key to Lasting Recovery

A recovering addict needs to be prepared for life after rehab. He is going to walk out to face the same stresses and problems that he had before entering rehab. People he knew before can influence him into drug use again. He may start using drugs again just to avoid facing the obstacles he runs into. The Narconon Life Skills Courses give him the knowledge and tools he needs to maintain his new sober life. He will learn how to repair damaged areas of his life, get back his self-esteem and apply reliable tools for living an honest and productive life.

One example of such a course is the Changing Conditions in Life Course. Here a student finds specific procedures he can use to improve areas of his life, such as family relationships, employers, past jobs and even communities.

Thorough Detoxification Important Aspects of Treatment

There are two steps that come before the education on the Narconon Life Skills Courses. The first is a drug-free withdrawal. The withdrawal at Narconon is made more tolerable in a number of ways. Nutritional support helps the recovering person to better withstand the discomforts, both physical and emotional. When nutrients lost in an addicted lifestyle are replenished, the body is stronger and the person is calmer. Experienced and trained staff administer unique relaxation techniques that help ease the discomforts as well. Reorientation exercises are effective in helping the recovering addict to better relate to his new environment.

Soon after withdrawal, a thorough drug detox is done. Since drug residues remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body long after drug abuse ceases, causing foggy thinking and sparking irrational behavior, they must be eliminated from the system. These residual drugs are also involved in triggering drug cravings, even years after drug use has stopped.

The Narconon New Life Detoxification flushes residual toxins from the body through the use of a combination of moderate exercise, nutritional supplements and time in a low heat sauna. Many who have completed this phase of Narconon treatment often say that drug cravings have totally disappeared.

The full Narconon program provides a road out from the trap of addiction. Many graduates state after completing the program that they now have their life back and can look forward to building a rewarding future.

Substance Abuse Lies Behind Much Crime and Traffic Deaths

Lake Charles, in beautiful Calcasieu Parish, is known for the many festivals that have earned it the nickname “Festival Capital of Louisiana.” Although Contraband Days - the local pirate festival - and Mardi Gras are celebrated here, unfortunately, there is no cause to celebrate the fact that this city is also has a serious drug problem, with addiction and drug abuse widespread.

Interstate 10, which passes right through Lake Charles, is a major north-south conduit for drug trafficking. Highlighting this fact is a recent news article where two illegal immigrants were busted on the highway with more than ninety grams of cocaine. Addicts, whether passing through or residents of the area, create danger on the roads. Recently a woman under the influence of drugs crashed into another car parked alongside the road and killed two people, including one thirteen-year-old girl. The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff?s Office stated that within the last year, ten out of twenty traffic fatalities resulted from someone driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Calcasieu Parish and Lake Charles Need Successful Drug Rehab for Citizens

There is no question that an effective drug rehab for Lake Charles is necessary. Western Louisiana has seen heavy drug trafficking and a wide availability of drugs for some time. Several years ago, eighteen people were indicted in a major drug smuggling organization, distributing cocaine throughout the area. Huge amounts of drugs passed through the county from Mexico to Louisiana, Georgia and Florida and other states.

In 2011, other drug dealers in the county were arrested after selling crack cocaine from an apartment building. More recently, a meth lab was discovered in Lake Charles where the dealers were living. With children also in the home, it relates a sad tale of the irresponsible actions of addicts and dealers.

The only way to stem the tide of addiction and drug abuse in Lake Charles is to provide the means for addicts to achieve lasting sobriety. At Narconon, lasting recovery is a reality.