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An addict does not always fully realize how much his life has been destroyed by addiction. However, down deep, he knows that the path he has taken is wrecking everything - his family relationships, his integrity, his dreams for a prosperous future. To turn his life around seems pretty hopeless. The solution is to find an effective drug rehab that will provide him lasting recovery and a fulfilling life without drugs. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Zutphen, Netherlands can provide just that.

Drugless Treatment Means Leaving ALL Drugs Behind

Many drug treatment centers use addictive drug substitutes in their programs of recovery. These substitute drugs can be just as addictive as the addict’s drug of choice and can be even more difficult to withdraw from. Drugs such as methadone, buprenorphine, and Suboxone have serious side effects as well. Replacing one addiction for another is not the way to leave drugs behind.

Narconon Zutphen in Holland has been helping addicts achieve sobriety for decades. The program consists of a tolerable withdrawal, a detoxification that eliminates poisonous drug residues from the body and life skill courses that prepare the recovering addict for a happy and productive life without drugs or alcohol.

Addressing an Addict Mentally and Physically for Lasting Recovery

The Narconon program addresses the whole individual. There are both physical and mental aspects of addiction that hold the habit in place.  Withdrawal is the first phase of treatment which is made more tolerable through the use of nutritional support and assistance by the trained and experienced staff. These staff carefully monitor the recovering addict to ensure he or she is comfortable and eating and sleeping well.

Since drugs do not all leave the body after a person ceases to use drugs, the Narconon New Life Detoxification is administered. Drug residues must be flushed from the system, eliminated from the fatty tissues of the body where they are lodged. Residual drugs cause foggy thinking and have been known to be involved in the triggering of drugs cravings even years after someone has come off drugs. With an effective regimen of nutritional supplements, moderate exercise and time in a low heat sauna, these drug residues are flushed away, clearing the body and mind. Many who complete this detoxification say that their cravings have completely disappeared.

The final steps of the Narconon program are a series of courses. These are called the Narconon Life Skills Courses. It is important that a person striving for sobriety and maintaining a drug-free life be taught how to restore and rebuild his new life without drugs. There are skills he must use in living, tools he needs to deal with situations and people he comes in contact with.

One course in this series is the Personal Values Course. The student will learn how integrity gets lost and how to restore it in his life. A recovering addict finds a great relief when he completes this study, responsibility, and honesty once again becoming a part of his life.

Narconon Zutphen drug rehabilitation center
Narconon Zutphen drug rehabilitation center

Holland Desperately Needs a Real Solution to Addiction

Holland has a heavy involvement in the illegal drug trade, with the country being a significant transit point for drug trafficking. Cocaine, Ecstasy, marijuana and other drugs are readily available. It is estimated that there are 24,000 to 46,000 opiate addicts in the Netherlands.

Recently in the news, a huge drug bust in Holland resulted in the seizure of more than a half a ton of cocaine. Eight people were arrested. The bust took place in Belgium where a container was found that was headed for Rotterdam and Heiloo. Even more recently a man in Holland was arrested who headed a ring of drug criminals who were selling a wide array of illicit drugs via the Internet. They were supplying LSD, Ecstasy, ketamine and other drugs to thousands of people around the world.

It is clear that an effective drug rehab for Holland is needed. The Narconon drug rehabilitation center in Zutphen has helped many individuals achieve lasting recovery from drug abuse and the chance to live a happy and productive life without drugs.