Drug Rehab for
Valdosta, Georgia

forest area near Valdosta Georgia

An addict is caught up in a devastating habit, often isolating himself and distancing himself from family and friends. He loses self-respect, personal values and the hope of a fulfilling future. Any dreams he has usually just evaporate. His only efforts are directed at getting that next pill or drink. He knows that the end of the story will likely only be jail or death. To find an effective drug rehab is the only way out of this trap of addiction. Luckily, there is a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center not far away from Valdosta.

The Narconon drug rehab center in Clearwater is just hours from Valdosta and provides the holistic treatment program an addict needs to achieve a drug-free life. An individual struggling with addiction needs a program that will address all the major aspects of his addiction, allowing him to find lasting recovery and reducing greatly the chances he will ever go back to using drugs.

Learning to Handle Life without Turning to Drugs or Alcohol

An important part of the alternative Narconon program is teaching a recovering addict how to face the same stresses and challenges he had to deal with before rehab. The problems he faced then may have led him to begin using drugs and without gaining new abilities to deal with life’s problems, he can easily be led back to drug use.

The Narconon Life Skills Courses are designed to show a recovering individual that he can live an ethical and fulfilling life, recognize problems in life and solve them rapidly, without turning to drugs or alcohol to cover them up. One example of a course delivered in this series is the Personal Values Course where the student learns how to cope with the stresses in life and how to restore his lost integrity. He is taught how to live an honest and ethical life so he can maintain that integrity in the future.

Addressing the Physical Aspects of Addiction at Narconon

Withdrawal always requires determination and courage. The drug-free withdrawal at Narconon is made more tolerable through the use of generous nutritional support and the assistance of the experienced and trained staff. Relaxation techniques are administered which help ease the discomforts, and reorientation processes are used to achieve more awareness and comfort for the recovering addict in his new drug-free environment.

Soon after the individual has completed withdrawal, the Narconon New Life Detoxification is begun. Here residual drugs lodged in the fatty tissues of the body are flushed from the system. This is important because these stored drugs have been known to be involved in triggering drug cravings even years after someone has come off drugs. The elimination of these residual toxins is accomplished through the use of moderate exercise, time in a low heat sauna and vitamin and mineral supplements. This combination is effective in clearing the mind and cleaning the body, resulting in clearer thinking and an improved outlook on life.

Narconon provides the means for lasting recovery so desperately searched for. The program is designed to give an addict the knowledge he needs so he will not need to go back to using drugs. Many recovered addicts state that Narconon has saved their lives. An addict can’t put a price on getting his life back.

Valdosta a High-Risk Area for Drug Abuse and Addiction

Valdosta is situated right on Interstate 75 which runs from Florida into Georgia right through Valdosta. Here is a route where drug traffickers can transport a wide variety of illegal drugs into the state. With Mexican drug cartels targeting Florida as a distribution hub for illicit drugs, this means more and more drugs into Georgia and thus more criminal activity and drug-related violence in Valdosta. As an example, not long ago a drug bust took place when a vehicle traveling near Valdosta was stopped and a large quantity of cocaine was found, totaling about $30,000 dollars in street value.

Drug-related crime and the trafficking of illicit drugs in Valdosta put any addict at risk. Addicts can get caught up in circumstances that will end in a prison sentence. They can become seriously ill from consuming poisonous drugs or end up dead from an overdose. The dangers are inherent in a life of drug abuse.

Drug dealers are on the streets, pushing drugs and making their profits from providing addicts with their fixes. The story never seems to end. Recently three drug dealers were sentenced in Valdosta. Seized in this bust were many several pounds of cocaine, marijuana plus paraphernalia for the making of cocaine packages to sell and a wide array of weapons - also over $195,000 in cash. Others have recently been arrested for transporting bags of marijuana down I-75 or for distributing marijuana they had farmed along with prescription drugs. These are the drugs that are commonly trafficked and seized in this region.