Drug Rehab for Marietta, Georgia

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An addict may not fully realize the destructive path his life has taken, but always, underneath somewhere, he is aware that drugs or alcohol are wrecking everything—his dreams, his family relationships, his personal values. To turn things around seems virtually impossible. Perhaps he has tried other drug rehab programs only to relapse once again. Drug abuse is a storm that obliterates everything good in life. To find an effective drug rehab may seem hopeless. However, the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program offers a holistic program that enables an addict to overcome their addiction for good.

Lasting Recovery with the Effective Steps at Narconon

Not far from Marietta is the Narconon drug rehabilitation center in the neighboring state of Florida. In a beautiful setting in the coastal town of Clearwater, the Narconon program helps residents from all over the Southeast regain control of their lives. Real hope for lasting sobriety is finally a reality.

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Beginning with a drug-free withdrawal, the recovering addict will be on the road to a new sober life. Although many addicts have perhaps tried other withdrawals without success, this one is different. Through the use of generous nutritional support, the body is strengthened and fortified against the aches and discomforts of withdrawal. Additionally, the withdrawal process is made more tolerable through one-on-one work with trained staff. The staff at Narconon carefully monitor each person to ensure he eats and sleeps well, and they are with him around the clock to ensure he is as comfortable as possible.

For Saving Addicted Lives, There is No Better Place than Narconon

Following withdrawal, the recovering addict will begin the Narconon New Life Detoxification. Here is where the drug residues lodged in the fatty tissues of the body are flushed from the system. These stored drugs must be eliminated, otherwise, they remain in the body, even for years after drug use has ceased, causing depression, foggy thinking and other negative feelings and behavior. With an effective combination of moderate exercise, nutritional supplements and time in a low heat sauna, this detox gets rid of these poisons that have been known to contribute to drug cravings. Once done with this phase of recovery, many say that their cravings have totally disappeared.

Additionally, a person striving for sobriety needs to learn important life skills to enable them to make correct decisions in living. Once the person finishes the rehab program, he or she will face the same or similar problems and stresses to the ones they faced before entering a rehab program. To cope with these challenges and obstacles, they need knowledge and tools that are reliable and effective.

The Narconon Life Skills Courses educate the person recovering from addiction to handle stress without reaching for a pill or drink. One such course is the Personal Values Course. Here the student is guided through a process of learning how integrity is lost and how it can be restored. At the end of this course, it is very common for those in recovery to state they feel a great relief. This is a big step toward living an honest, productive life once again.

Marietta Georgia is no Stranger to the Devastating Effects of Drug Abuse

Marietta is one of the largest suburbs of Atlanta and experiences the spill-over of this large city’s drug problem, as well as having problems of its own. Recently in the news, a number of men were indicted on drug and weapon charges after an incident of an attack on a drug dealer from Marietta. From Mexico and El Salvador, these criminals were allegedly dealing in illegal drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine, with the intent to sell them.

In addition to confiscating drugs at the scene of the drug bust, officers also found a long list of weapons, including four assault rifles, thirteen handguns, and a stun gun. This speaks loudly of not only drug trafficking but the violence that spills out onto Marietta streets. Illicit drugs are virtually everywhere, so it is vital to proof a recovering addict against relapse so he is not caught up in such a dangerous trap again.

Recently a man in Marietta was arrested in a van with a hidden compartment under the driver’s seat. In this compartment was nearly nine pounds of methamphetamines, worth about $250,000 on the street. The dealers in the city work hard to make drugs available to addicts. These dealers know that to make a profit, all they have to do is find the person whose cravings drive them to make a purchase.

The only solution is to have a holistic and effective drug rehab for Marietta that will provide lasting sobriety and proof a recovering addict against relapse. As law enforcement works to clean up the street of the dealers and criminal gangs, Narconon works to help an addict get rid of his drug or alcohol habit and have a real chance at an honest and productive life. Narconon is a top choice in drug rehabs anywhere.