Drug Rehab for Macon, Georgia

Addiction not only results in an addict turning to lies and deceit in order to maintain his drug or alcohol habit, but life-threatening illnesses can occur. Life seems to become one constant struggle to alleviate the never ending cravings. The price paid for addiction to drugs and alcohol is high, not only in the cost of supporting the habit, but also in the loss of everything near and dear. mily may turn their backs on those addicted. Jobs and hopes of a prosperous future may disappear. The only solution is an effective drug rehab for Macon that can provide lasting sobriety and give an addict the chance to get his or her life back. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Norcross is that solution.

Narconon of Georgia Provides a Real Chance at Lasting Recovery

Narconon of Georgia drug and alcohol treatment center in Norcross is less than two hours away from Macon and provides innovative alternative services where an addict can learn to leave drugs behind for good.

The Narconon program offers a drug-free program. Drug replacement therapy used by so many other drug treatment programs never works to give an addict a life without drugs. Substitute drugs such as methadone, Suboxone and buprenorphine are addictive and their use is only replacing one addiction for another. At Narconon, no drug substitutes are used at any time throughout treatment.

Effective Services at Narconon with Drugless Withdrawal, Detox and More

Some addicts have gone through as many as twenty withdrawals without lasting success. A person addicted to drugs or alcohol knows the rigors of withdrawal and is often afraid of the process. However, there is no need to fear drugless withdrawal at Narconon. Through the use of nutritional support and one-on-one work with trained staff, withdrawal is made more tolerable.

comes soon after withdrawal and flushes drug residues from the body. These drug residues otherwise would remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body for many years, even after drug use has stopped. Residual drugs cause depression and muddled thinking processes. They are known to be involved in triggering drug cravings. This detox eliminates these stored drugs and toxins by employing a combination of moderate exercise, vitamin and mineral supplements and time in a low heat sauna. This effective program clears the mind and cleans the body for a new fresh and bright outlook on life for the participant.

The last phase of Narconon services is important when someone is striving toward sobriety. The recovering addict must learn life skills that enable him or her to make the right decisions in a new drug-free life. When he returns home after rehab, he will face similar stresses and challenges to those he faced before entering the treatment program. He needs knowledge and tools to be able to cope with these stresses.

The Narconon Life Skills Courses help to educate the recovering person in handling life better. These unique courses restore or build the skills a person needs to handle life’s problems and obstacles without reaching for a pill, joint or drink. One such course is the Ups and Downs in Life Course. This course helps to proof the person against the factors that may have led him to start his life of drug abuse in the first place.

Macon is a Hub of Drug Activity, Making Lasting Sobriety a Necessity

An effective and holistic drug rehab for Macon, Georgia means that a program must help to proof an addict against relapse. With so many drugs moving through the area and available on the street in all forms, it is vital that an addict can resist the temptation to revert to a life of drug abuse.

Marijuana distribution is a major problem in Macon. For instance, a number of arrests have been made in recent months involving criminals in possession of vast amounts of the drug, including seizure of weapons and ammunition. In one incident, 46 bags of marijuana were recovered. In another, 20 bags of marijuana and ecstasy pills were seized as well as a shotgun. This led to another search warrant which turned up more marijuana, cocaine and a pistol.

Additionally, drugs have become available on the Internet. A man living nearby was arrested not long ago in an international crackdown on online drug dealing. This ring covered fifty states and twenty-four different countries. Drugs involved included ecstasy, mescaline, LSD and marijuana. This is perhaps the most frightening news due to the extreme ease of obtaining dangerous illegal drugs. It makes it more imperative to find lasting recovery in an effective drug rehabilitation program.

To provide an addicted person with the opportunity for an honest and productive life without drugs or alcohol is invaluable. Narconon addresses the factors that proof an addicted person from relapse and restores their self-respect and honesty. Narconon of Georgia is a program that saves addicted lives each day. Contact the Narconon center today.