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Family and friends experience great emotional pain watching as a loved one succumbs to a life of addiction. The person who used to be responsible, loving and smart has become something else, reduced to desperately searching for a way to stop the cravings of drug addiction. When you are searching for effective, lasting help for your family member or friend, you have found it with the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

Narconon Suncoast
Narconon Suncoast Drug Rehabilitation Center

The Narconon rehabilitation facility in Clearwater, Florida offers an effective, alternative program for lasting sobriety. Narconon Suncoast is close to Ocala, Florida, only two hours driving time from the city. Here you will find a residential program offering a holistic program that covers all aspects of addiction. Addressing factors both mental and physical, Narconon’s alternative treatment results in a recovered addict who is proofed against later relapse.

Effective and Efficient Services that are Saving Addicted Lives

Withdrawal is possibly the most dreaded part of any recovery process. However, with the Narconon program, withdrawal is made more tolerable with the use of generous nutritional support. Unique physical techniques are employed to ease the aches and pains, and reorientation exercises help the recovering addict relate to his new environment. Experienced and knowledgeable staff monitor the entire procedure carefully, to ensure the recovering addict is made as comfortable as possible.

After withdrawal, the addicted individual is soon ready to begin the Narconon New Life Detoxification. This innovative program employs moderate exercise, nutritional support, and low-heat sauna, in precise proportions. This combination flushes out the drug residues lodged in the fatty tissues of the body. These stored toxins create slow and foggy thinking. They have been known to contribute to drug cravings even years after drug use has ceased. By eliminating these residue drugs from the body, the recovering addict will find he will feel more alert with everything looking brighter.

The next step will be to do a series of Life Skills Courses. The many years spent addicted to drugs not only destroy an addicted person’s happiness but also destroys their basic skills in living drug-free. Narconon’s Life Skill Courses teach the skills a recovering addict needs to live a happy and honest life without turning to drugs as a solution to problems.

One of these life skill courses is the Personal Values Course. Here the individual will learn how to confront and repair the many harmful things he did when under the influence of addiction. He will find a huge relief as he sheds the guilt of his misdeeds.

Lasting Sobriety Depends on Effective Healing of Addicted Lives

Ocala is in Marion County, which is part of the North Florida High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA), a designation by law enforcement. Other parts of the HIDTA region include Alachua and Putnam Counties, right next door to Marion County. Cocaine distribution and abuse of controlled prescription drugs are a high threat in these areas.

To reach lasting sobriety, an addict should have the opportunity to take part in the Narconon drug rehabilitation program. You can give your loved one a new life. Contact Narconon today.