Drug Rehab for Lake City, Florida

Addiction harms more than just the person addicted. Although his plight is terrible, family, friends, and society also suffer. Dreams are destroyed, friendships devastated and the addict may turn to crime to support an ever-demanding habit. Others sometimes must intervene by finding an effective recovery program that will put the addicted person on the road to lasting sobriety. That road to real recovery starts with the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Clearwater, Florida.

Narconon Suncoast in Florida

At the Narconon Suncoast Rehabilitation Center in Clearwater, facilities are designed for long-term residential care in a peaceful environment. The center is less than three hours from Lake City. With our drug-free approach and innovative detoxification method, a recovering addict has a much greater chance at lasting sobriety.

Lake City sits squarely in the middle of Northern Florida’s High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. This designation by Florida law enforcement indicates enormous amounts of drug abuse, drug-related activity, and crime. It makes it imperative that families in Lake City find a drug rehab that can provide lasting recovery to those addicted to drugs.

An Effective Program Consists of Thorough Re-Education in Life Skills

Long-term drug use not only wrecks an addicted person’s happiness but also destroys the basic skills needed for living a life without drugs. An important and vital component to any effective drug rehab program is teaching an addict how to go back to day-to-day life, making the right decisions and overcoming situations that might potentially lead him back to a life of drugs.

Narconon Life Skill Courses provide a recovering addict with an education in repairing and restoring skills that were destroyed in a life of addiction. The individual engages in the study of basic skills and learns how to live an honest and productive life. He also learns how to avoid turning to a pill or a drink to solve any challenges he faces.

One of these Life Skills courses is called the Objectives Course. This course teaches the student to face situations in life with good communication. Friends and family members of an addicted person also realize what the person himself or herself often does not: drugs dull one’s perceptions. After years of drug abuse, one’s view of one’s surroundings is often dim. This can be dangerous when driving or caring for children. The Objectives consists of a series of unique practical exercises that sharpen a person’s awareness. Thus more of the damage created by addiction can be healed.

Thorough Detoxification Proofs the Individual Against Relapse

Program participants will also take part in the Narconon New Life Detoxification. Here is where drug residues, lodged in the fatty tissues of the body, are eliminated. These stored toxins are flushed from the body using a combination of moderate exercise, a precise regimen of nutritional supplements and time spent in a low-heat sauna. The body is cleared of drug residues that can inhibit lasting recovery.

New Life Detox

Healing Addicted Lives in Lake City

Northern Florida has seen its share of drug abuse and crime. For instance, meth labs exist in quantity in this area, and the number of seizures of meth labs in this region exceeds the nationwide rate. It becomes a vital necessity to locate effective drug rehab services to provide lasting sobriety.

To achieve lasting recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, an addict must be proofed against the factors that contribute to relapse. Narconon addresses these factors and accomplishes lasting recovery for addicts every day. Contact Narconon today.