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Watching a loved one who is addicted to drugs suffer, driven by cravings out of his control, is a terrible experience. Long-term drug and alcohol abuse creates turmoil in the lives of the addict and his family and friends. Always close is the very real danger of death from overdose or damaging side effects from new “designer drugs.”

If you are searching for an effective solution to lasting recovery, you will find relief at the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Florida.

Narconon Suncoast entrance

Just a couple hours away from Fort Myers, in Clearwater, is the Narconon Suncoast Rehabilitation Center, a long-term residential facility offering lasting sobriety and relief from a life of drug or alcohol abuse. At this center, an addict can achieve lasting recovery, and learn to live a happy and fulfilling life without drugs.

Saving Addicted Lives through Effective Treatment

Many addicts go through a number of different rehabilitation programs in an attempt to free themselves from the dangers involved in a life of drug addiction. Unfortunately, many of these same addicts relapse sooner or later. This situation is what has inspired the phrase, “once an addict, always an addict.” However, this does not have to be the case at all.

With the Narconon program, a number of effective methods are used to proof the person against relapse, including thorough detoxification and showing the recovering addict how to better confront and handle life’s stresses and challenges. After going through the Narconon program, a recovered addict often states that this alternative program saved his life.

The Holistic Treatment of Narconon Addresses Vital Factors for Lasting Sobriety

The first step is a drug-free withdrawal, made more comfortable through the use of nutritional support, relaxation techniques and reorientation exercises. Trained and experienced staff carefully monitor the addict to ensure he is as comfortable as possible and is eating and sleeping well. They employ relaxation techniques to ease the mental discomfort and aches and pains of withdrawal. The reorientation exercises assist the addict in realizing and appreciating the fact he is now in a new, safe, drug-free environment.

Detox center at Narconon Suncoast
New Life Detoxification Center

Soon after withdrawal is complete, the individual begins the Narconon New Life Detoxification. During drug use, drug residues become stored in the fatty tissues of the body, creating muddy and confused thinking, and contributing to the triggering of drug cravings even years after drug use has ceased. These stored poisons must be flushed thoroughly from the body. Using low-heat sauna, moderate exercise and an exact regimen of nutritional supplements, the drug residues are eliminated from the body, resulting in clearer thinking and a brighter outlook.

The long-term use of addictive drugs has many harmful effects on a person’s life. One of these effects is that basic life skills are destroyed. Without these life skills, it is more difficult to maintain an ethical and happy lifestyle once back out in the world. Narconon’s final phase consists of a series of Life Skill Courses that repair and restore the life skills lost in a life of drug or alcohol abuse.

For example, anyone around an addict can see that his communication skills have suffered, and his perceptions have become dulled. On the Objectives Course, the student learns how to improve his communication skills, so important in effectively handling life’s situations. Exercises are performed that gradually brighten perceptions until the person achieves a fresh, new view of the world.

Heal an Addicted Life with Successful Drug Rehab in Fort Myers

Fort Myers is not exempt from the drug trafficking and related crime that occur throughout Florida. Between 2003 and 2006, 115 thousand Floridians were abusing or dependent on drugs or alcohol, with 93 thousand of those using non-medical pain relievers. Emergency room visits due to prescription drug abuse doubled between 2006 and 2011, with 4.6 million drug-related emergency room visits in 2009. To save lives, it is imperative to achieve lasting recovery for those going through rehab.

Narconon is an effective, alternative drug rehab for people in Fort Myers. Addicts can finally find lasting success in living a life without the use of illicit drugs. Contact Narconon today.

Narconon drug rehab center in Florida