Drug Rehab for
Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach Florida

Although drug addiction seems to start innocently, taking a pill or drink to ease some momentary problem, it quickly escalates. Addiction leads to a life of illness, pain, sorrow, and heartbreak. Friends and family are well aware of the destruction caused to a loved one’s life. Lies, deceit, desperation, even crime, are commonplace. When you are looking for help for a loved one addicted to drugs, you have found the solution with the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center within easy reach of Daytona Beach.

Effective drug rehab is only a few hours away in Clearwater, Florida. Narconon Suncoast is Florida’s premier Narconon center which resides on a beautiful property with all the amenities one needs for a comfortable experience while recovering from addiction.

Narconon Suncoast center and grounds

Drug-free Treatment a Must for Real Recovery

Many drug rehab centers use substitute medications in their recovery programs. These drugs, such as methadone and Suboxone are addictive and create a new problem. Coming off these drugs sometimes proves much more difficult than the person’s original drug of choice. Trading one addiction for another is not the way to lasting sobriety.

The Narconon program uses no substitute drugs in treatment. Where a step down is medically required in the case of certain drugs such as benzodiazepines or heavy alcohol use, we work with medical detox services so they can be weaned down before starting the Narconon program. This puts them safely on the road to living a truly drug-free life.

During the drug-free withdrawal at Narconon, the addict receives one-on-one support with trained staff who monitor him continuously. Further actions taken in the program are done without any medications, resulting in a recovered person who can now live a drug-free, happy and productive life.

A Holistic Recovery Program that Proofs One Against Relapse

Although an addict usually dreads the withdrawal process, there is no need of dreading withdrawal at Narconon. With generous nutritional support, the nutrients that were depleted from long-term drug use are replaced. Relaxation techniques ease the aches and pains of withdrawal. Reorientation exercises help the recovering addict to better relate to his new drug-free environment.

Narconon Suncoast Detox center

After the drug-free withdrawal, the individual will begin the Narconon New Life Detoxification. Drug residues lodged in the fatty tissues of the body must be flushed out. These stored toxins stay in the system for years after drug use has ceased. They are known to cause foggy thought processes and can contribute to triggering drug cravings. Flushing the residues from the body is important to proof the addict against relapse into a life of drug abuse.

Additionally, addiction to drugs or alcohol often results in basic life skills being destroyed. After detoxification, the Narconon Life Skills Courses teach the individual how to repair and restore these skills so important to living a productive life without drugs.

One example is the Objectives Course, which shows the recovering addict how to confront challenging situations in life using good communication skills. The student will also do exercises to increase his ability to focus more effectively on the present instead of the past. Any family member who has seen the loved one repeatedly intoxicated or high understands the need for this kind of recovery. The skills learned on the Narconon Life Skills courses help the person live a new life without the need to turn to drugs to solve difficult situations.

Effective Recovery Heals the Lives of Drug Addicts and Provides Lasting Recovery

Daytona Beach lies within the Central Florida High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, a designation by law enforcement that permits the proper placement of resources in the state. Extensive drug abuse has resulted in a high amount of robberies and home invasions in Daytona Beach. The crime rate and wide availability of drugs make it imperative that an effective program is obtainable for Volusia County residents.

The alternative treatment provided by the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Florida is a relief for those searching for freedom from a life of drug addiction. The solution is at hand. Contact Narconon today.