Drug Rehab for Denmark

While Denmark might seem far from drug-producing centers, it nevertheless lies just adjacent to some of the major drug distribution points in Europe. From the Netherlands comes cannabis obtained in Morocco and Ecstasy produced locally, from the Czech Republic comes methamphetamine. Germany serves as a distribution point for heroin coming through the Balkan Peninsula. These drugs pose the greatest threats to the Danish people.

Cannabis is the drug that most often sends Danish people to rehab, despite many people’s assertions that it is not addictive. Heroin addicts can receive methadone or buprenorphine as treatment, or they can receive pharmaceutical heroin from the government, although not very many addicts have signed up for this program. Rehabs in Denmark usually involve these substitute medications or psychological counseling. Bringing a new and more effective method of drug recovery is Narconon in Skellingsted.

Located in the middle of beautiful rolling countryside, this peaceful location provides lasting sobriety for seven out of ten graduates of the program. On this simple farm-like property, each person is given the time they need to repair the devastation of addiction and replace it with an honest life. This requires a restoration of self-respect–normally lost in addiction. It means each person must overcome the cravings that will drive them back into drug use even when they want to get sober.

The tools used to accomplish these and other goals are practical and time-tested. The Narconon program has been helping addicts recover for more than forty-five years. There are fifty locations around the world where this program is being delivered. Hundreds of thousands of individuals have gone through the program and found a new, healthier life.

Sauna Detoxification is Essential

If a person simply receives counseling or goes to support group meetings, while this is far better than “going it alone,” sobriety is more stable when cravings can be alleviated. To help each person with cravings, the Narconon program includes a sauna detox program that incorporates daily exercise and nutritional supplements into the mix. This combination activates the body’s ability to flush out old drug toxins that have shown to be involved in the triggering of cravings. As the toxins are flushed, mental brightness returns. Most people say their cravings are reduced and some people even say they are gone. When this happens, it’s not necessary to struggle each day to fight the urges. Life gets simpler.

Developing Sober Living Skills

With a brighter outlook and better ability to think clearly, a person is then ready to learn how to unravel the problems that may have led him to abuse drugs in the first place. He learns how to recover personal integrity, how to solve problems, how to rebuild relationships he may have trashed, and how to live a moral life. By using these new tools, it is possible to sidestep the problems that might drive one back into drug use.

The arrival of Narconon to Denmark means that the people in this country have a new, more thorough and more successful choice for drug rehabilitation.


Narconon Centers in Denmark: