The Narconon Program: Effective Drug Rehabilitation for Australia

Narconon staff with a student outside

In every country around the world, individuals struggling with drug or alcohol problems need safe places where they can repair the damage done by addiction. They also need to rebuild the skills they will need to live productive and enjoyable lives again. Effective rehabilitation means providing the support, guidance and training in life skills needed to help those who have been addicted achieve these simple goals.

Australians are not exempt from the drug problems that plague much of the rest of the world and when they become addicted, they need this support as well. Methamphetamine has long been addicting Australians and pharmaceutical drugs, synthetics and cocaine have grown in popularity in recent years. Of course, alcohol has taken many lives in our country and caused many injuries and broken families. Cannabis remains the most popular drug in the country. While some people still don’t think this is an addictive drug, it is responsible for about half the number of people seeking rehabilitation.

Even if a person does not himself use drugs, it is very likely that one of his family members or friends does. And the societal costs of drug misuse mean that everyone shares the burden of addiction and overdose deaths. Thus this is a subject that touches every life in Australia. Australians need help to return to healthy sober lives.

The Path to Recovery

There are many approaches to helping people with addiction problems, including finding methods of reducing the harm of drug use or prescribing drugs that prevent withdrawal and cravings—but keep the individual on addictive substitute medications. Nothing compares to the freedom a person feels when they break free from the need for drugs or alcohol and they know how to create a sober and responsible life for themselves. This is the goal of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program.

It takes time to teach a person how to leave old addictive habits behind and how to find joy in sobriety. On the Narconon rehab program, a deep detoxification process helps brighten a person’s thinking and free them from the darkness of drug use. A battery of exercises to orient a person to their present time surroundings enables each person to leave the trauma of the past behind and begin to think about their brighter future.

After achieving these improvements, a person is finally ready to master the skills needed to prevent relapse. The life skills training component of the Narconon program zeroes in on the exact points of improvement needed to protect each person’s sobriety.

By remedying the exact points of damage that result from addiction, a Narconon graduate can look forward to a stable, sober life without cravings or guilt, a life he or she can truly enjoy.

For individuals in Australia seeking help with a drug or alcohol problem, Narconon offers several peaceful locations to recover from addiction. Our facilities offer privacy and comfort with all the amenities to support the recovery process.

When someone you care about needs help to replace addiction with a bright, new and positive life, call Narconon.

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