Narconon Los Molinos

Northern Spain Drug Rehab Center

Villa Mari Solea C/ San Nicholas S/N, 28460 Los Molinos De Guadarrama Madrid, Spain

In the center of Spain, less than an hour outside Madrid, sits Narconon Los Molinos, a haven for those seeking drug rehabilitation. In this small village, a person who may have come close to losing his life in Madrid or Barcelona can rest, regain his health, and begin to assemble a new, lasting and sober life.

Narconon Los Molinos is located on a quiet street in an enclosed property that provides privacy for each person in recovery. Everything one needs is right here: the sauna for the thorough detoxification process each person will use to flush old drug residues out of his body; classrooms for learning and practicing application of life skills; a large courtyard for relaxing and getting a little air between services.

The town is surrounded by peaks that are capped with snow in the winter and provide relaxing views all year round. Within the facility itself, there are workout rooms and a swimming pool for warmer months. A sauna sees heavy use when each person goes through New Life Detoxification program.

Double rooms are available as accommodations for those in recovery, and classrooms offer the perfect space to study the Life Skills courses and learn how to apply them to one’s life. Narconon Los Molinos was designed with great care to enable Spain’s addicts to begin living a sober, productive life that will last a lifetime.

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