Narconon Colorado

Drug Rehab Fort Collins

1225 Redwood St. Fort Collins, CO 80524

Just north of Fort Collins, Colorado, in a quiet neighborhood sits the comfortable, homey building that houses Narconon Colorado. This is where people from all over the state and neighboring states come to find lasting relief from addiction to heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, alcohol and other drugs.

Fort Collins is easy to get to, just a short drive from Denver. With moderate weather all year round and nearly 300 sunny days per year, it’s an appealing place to get back to a positive, healthy life.

The staff at Narconon Colorado take pride in offering an effective drug rehabilitation program while providing clean, aesthetic accommodations and healthy dining in bright, cheerful surroundings. Kicking a drug habit is hard enough—with plenty of support and pleasant surroundings, it can be a more tolerable journey. Besides classrooms and counseling space, the facility offers basketball, volleyball, billiards and other games to the free hours.

But of course, the reason families choose Narconon Colorado is because of the excellence of the rehabilitation program itself. The Narconon program is long-term, as recommended by the National Institute on Drug Abuse for the best long-term recovery success. It is residential, which is better for many people who would benefit from being out of their home environments and away from old drug dealers and drug-using friends. It is holistic, which means the entire person and his or her problems are addressed. And there are never any drugs prescribed as part of the treatment program. By the end of the drug rehab program at Narconon Colorado, graduates learn to live drug-free and how to maintain that sobriety through drug-free life skills.

End-to-End Support from Narconon Colorado

From the beginning to the end of the process of helping a person recover from drug or alcohol abuse, Narconon Colorado staff offer family members their support. Is it difficult to get the addicted person to see that she needs help? Is he refusing to go to rehab? Narconon Colorado has professional interventionists they can call on in this situation. The interventionist is skilled and experienced in bringing the addicted person around to realizing that they do need and want help and they should get it right now.

Narconon Colorado staff can also help when a person is embroiled in legal difficulties that might make it difficult to achieve rehabilitation. Whether it’s attending court dates, supplying drug screening information to probation officers or being transferred directly from jail to the rehab facility, it’s all part of the job of bringing a person back to a full, enjoyable, sober life.

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