Mother’s Worries Gone Since Son Did Narconon in 2005

A mother’s heartbreak when a child is an addict knows no bounds. She sees her son or daughter’s life become a mess when addicted to drugs or alcohol. The addict is only driven by intense cravings which override anything else in life. The addict is in very real danger. A person addicted to drugs or alcohol can become ill, or even die from an overdose. However, when a parent discovers how Narconon can turn a child’s life around, that parent knows things can be very different.

One mother shared her viewpoint regarding her child doing the Narconon program. Her son, Ule Morton, had completed the Narconon treatment program in 2005 and was drug-free now for years. They were celebrating at Narconon Eslov drug rehab in Sweden during Narconon’s Thirtieth Anniversary. In front of a camera, Ule introduced his mother, calling her “his heart.”

She said, “It’s true - we had a hard time before because Ule was on drugs. To be a mother with a son on drugs is very, very difficult. You are always afraid and you are scared about everything. It’s difficult to enjoy life when you are in this position, because you cannot enjoy happiness with this type of thing going on. You are always thinking about your child on drugs. So life changed for me after 2005, when Ule finished the Narconon program. I wish all parents to have the same wins that our family has had from this program. This is amazing.”

Ule was beaming and told the interviewers that he was really happy to be the person he is today. “She’s happy!” he remarked. He commented that he is really glad to have so much support.

His mother continued, “And all the things that Ule learned on the Narconon program - I also want to learn it. Then we can use it on each other in our communication. This is very important data to learn so I’m very, very happy for that. We use it every day.”

The information that Ule learned and now his mother is learning consists of an education in life skills that help to maintain a life without drugs. The Narconon Life Skills Courses teach a recovering addict how to restore and rebuild a life without drugs. These courses cover such topics such as communication, integrity, how to improve conditions and perceptions. These life improvement courses help put an individual back in control of his or her life. The courses help anyone with workable tools and applicable knowledge in living a better life.