Preventing and Solving Drug and Alcohol Addiction

The price of addiction—loss, isolation, and despair. An addict loses the love of their family. He sees all his loving relationships destroyed. His self-respect sinks to new lows. Honesty becomes a thing of the past as he does anything he can to find the next fix or the next drink, lying to and manipulating family and friends. Anyone who knows him has no trust in him at all.

We all know that drugs and alcohol are problems that grossly affect society, communities, individuals and their families today. Children of a young age get swept up into the horrors of drug abuse when peers encourage them to “just try this. You’ll feel great!” The false information about drugs is rampant in today’s world. The kids who don’t really know what drugs are and the harm they can do can too easily end up addicts, forever ruining their lives. However, this does not have to be the case. There is an answer.

Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, such as delivered at our beautiful facility in Arrowhead State Park in Oklahoma, has the answer. Beyond a successful way of giving an addict lasting recovery, Narconon rehab centers also provide educational presentations which can put an end to drug abuse and addiction before they happen. Narconon not only helps when addiction has taken over a life, but works to prevent drug abuse and addiction in communities around the world.

Drug and alcohol education is vital in any community—in schools, churches or any groups that might benefit from this information. Narconon drug education teaches kids the dangers of drugs and what drugs can do to their lives. When children learn these valuable tools at a young age it stays with them throughout their lives. Narconon is extremely proactive in fighting drug abuse and the resulting addiction.

When an addict has fallen into the trap of drug or alcohol addiction, it may seem like there is no way out and recovery can seem unreachable.
But, is it?

Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation has a success rate that is one of the highest in the field. Using a substitute drug-free treatment, the recovering addict isn’t just replacing one addiction with another. With a unique detoxification that removes drug residues from the body, the recovering individual cleans out his body. His mind becomes clearer and his outlook on life changes. Life skills courses are the final step, teaching the addict how to repair the damage done and rebuild a new life.

An addicted person can recover their love of family. They can rebuild positive relationships. They can regain a new level of integrity and personal honesty. They can earn the trust of others. They can begin to feel real affection and love for themselves. Narconon gives life back to the individual so they can live a happy and fulfilling life, full of joy and love for what they have and what they can accomplish.