Drug Rehab for Pasadena, California

An addict doesn’t really notice the devastating effects his drug abuse causes his family and friends. As he loses control of his life and relationships, he is simply numb to all the things that are wrong with his life. He loses sight of who he was before he was addicted. The only hope of returning to an existence without the constant struggle of satisfying drug cravings is to find a drug rehab in Pasadena that can provide an effective way to lasting sobriety. Luckily there is a Narconon drug rehabilitation center not far away.

Pasadena is within the Los Angeles High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, a designation by law enforcement that encompasses Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Here the production and distribution centers of illicit drugs are the most extensive in the United States. With a wide availability of drugs, this region needs a drug rehab program that effectively provides lasting recovery from drug abuse. The Narconon San Diego drug rehabilitation center in Warner Springs, California is the answer.

Narconon San Diego is an inpatient residential center only about two hours from Pasadena, and delivers an effective rehabilitation program that addresses important aspects that clear the mind and body as well as prepare the individual to return home, confident and sure that he can remain drug-free.

Proofing an Addict against Relapse by Teaching Life Skills for a Drug-free Life

An addict destroys key elements of his life when addicted. Relationships with family and friends become almost non-existent, jobs are lost, opportunities for a happy future gone. After many drug treatment programs are completed, a recovering addict has not learned any different way of thinking or acting that will help prevent him returning to drug or alcohol use. This is why Narconon provides unique courses that show a recovering individual how to cope with the challenges and stresses he may face when he goes back into his day-to-day life.

The Narconon Life Skills Courses give a student the tools he needs to stay sober. For example, on the Personal Values Course, students learn how personal values are lost and how to restore them. They come to recognize their actual obligations. They learn a procedure that enables them to take full responsibility for their past misdeeds and thereby gain relief from the associated trauma and guilt connected with them. By the end of this course, students can leave the past behind and move forward into a positive future.

Essential to Narconon Treatment is Drugless Withdrawal and Detoxification

Some addicts are skeptical when they hear of a drugless rehab program. They think that drug replacement therapy is the only way to leave drugs behind. However, drug substitutes such as methadone, buprenorphine and Suboxone are addictive and have harmful side-effects. Narconon uses no substitute medications throughout the holistic recovery program. Drugless withdrawal is made more tolerable by the use of nutritional support, which helps strengthen the body by replacing the important nutrients depleted in a life of addiction. The staff care about the individual and do all they can to make sure the recovering addict is as comfortable as possible.

Very often after an addicted person completes a drug treatment programs, he or she has not learned any different way of thinking or acting that will help prevent him returning to drug or alcohol use.

They think that drug replacement therapy is the only way they can leave drug abuse behind.

The Narconon New Life Detoxification comes shortly after withdrawal. This detox is designed to eliminate the residual drugs lodged in the fatty tissues of the body. These stored drugs remain in the body long after drug use has ceased and cause confused thinking. They have been known to contribute to triggering drug cravings even years after drug use has ceased. Once the person has gone through this program of moderate exercise, nutritional supplements and time in a low-heat sauna, he will feel clean of body and clear of mind. Many of those who finish this detox state that any drug cravings have disappeared.

Pasadena Desperately Needs an Effective Holistic Drug Rehab

Criminal groups and gangs operate out of Los Angeles County, California shipping and distributing a wide variety of illegal drugs. Drug smuggling activities along the border extend to the areas of Los Angeles, Pasadena and surrounding communities. It becomes imperative to have an effective drug rehab in Pasadena where addicts can go to rebuild their lives and get on the path to lasting recovery.

A person addicted to drugs or alcohol deserves every chance possible to live a fulfilling and productive life without drugs. Contact Narconon today.