Drug Rehab for Huntington Beach, California

aerial view of Huntington Beach California

Family and friends watch in despair as a loved one falls deep into drug or alcohol addiction. The addict feels hopeless and defeated. All the self-confidence he used to possess is now gone, lost in the lifestyle of addiction. His life is out of control, and he may turn to crime to support his habit.

It becomes of vital importance to locate a drug rehab program that can provide lasting sobriety and get him on the right road for a happy life. Luckily there is a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation near Huntington Beach that provides the means for lasting recovery.

An effective program for treatment must address not only the physical aspects of recovery but the mental and spiritual aspects as well. The Narconon center in Warner Springs provides an alternative program in its comfortable residential facility, giving an addict a real chance at lasting sobriety.

Restoring and Rebuilding Life Skills for a Drug-free Life

An addict’s life becomes a mess as he blunders forward in his addicted lifestyle. He makes all the wrong decisions, chooses the wrong friends and alienates his family. He forgets what it takes to deal with life’s normal challenges. The Narconon Life Skills Courses teach an addict how to take back over control of his life while giving him insight into the reasons he started using drugs in the first place.

This series of courses provide the recovering addict with an education on how to live a drug-free life and not need to turn to pills or drink to solve his problems. One of the courses is the Changing Conditions in Life Course which gives the student concrete and reliable methods of repairing parts of his life that were damaged by his drug abuse. This is an essential part of leaving guilt and depression behind.

Effectively Addressing the Physical Aspects of Recovery

An addict doesn’t take care of himself properly. When he is taking drugs, he (or she) normally neglects his basic needs. This means that important nutrients are depleted, stressing his body even further than the use of drugs will do. Drug withdrawal at Narconon includes essential nutritional support that helps the body repair itself. Additionally, withdrawal is made more tolerable through the use of innovative relaxation techniques administered by the trained staff. These processes help ease the discomforts and difficulties of withdrawal.

To rid the body of drug residues lodged in the fatty tissues of the body, each recovering person will do a thorough detoxification step, the Narconon New Life Detoxification. This phase of recovery employs nutritional supplements, moderate exercise and time in a low heat sauna. This combination effectively flushes residual drugs and other toxins from the body. Many of those who finish this detoxification comment that they have a new outlook on life, have clearer thinking and that their drug cravings departed with the drug residues.

An addict deserves a chance to turn his life around and live an ethical, productive and happy life, making his dreams come true. Contact Narconon today to learn how we can help make this possible.

An Effective Drug Rehab in Huntington Beach Saves Addicted Lives

The Los Angeles County area had 49,000 addiction treatment admissions in 2008 alone, showing a huge drug abuse problem in the region. Primary substances that are abused include heroin, meth, and cocaine.

Criminal groups and gangs terrorize the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino. This area is a prime drug production and distribution center. The Mexican border is close and the ports of entry into the US are channels for the trafficking of hundreds of tons of drugs each year. The wide availability of methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana lead those exposed into experimenting with these illegal substances, and the next thing you know, addiction takes over. Therefore having an effective drug recovery program is a necessity in order to save the lives of those caught in this trap.