Drug Rehab for Fairfield, California

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An addict falls into the dark side of life—a life of lies, deceit, and unhappiness. He may lose his family, his friends and even material possessions. His existence becomes one of desperation as he tries to satisfy the cravings that drive him. Nothing else seems to matter, although, down deep, he really knows that he must do something to change things. Many addicts attempt drug rehabs, sometimes going to one after another in an effort to achieve sobriety. Unfortunately, too few of these programs provide lasting recovery. With the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, lasting sobriety can now become a reality.

Narconon is an Effective Drug Rehab for Fairfield

The Narconon drug rehabilitation centers in California are long-term residential facilities. This innovative program is an alternative to Twelve Step programs and addresses the aspects of addiction necessary to achieve lasting recovery, giving an addict the chance at a productive and fulfilling future.

Narconon Ojai is located in the mountains above Ventura, with a luxurious facility that services many professionals or those who require a higher level of privacy and care. Narconon Warner Springs, in the quiet desert hills of San Diego County provides a peaceful setting away from any possible distractions. Both centers offer the same effective treatment as dozens of other Narconon rehab centers around the world and are just a days drive or a short flight from Fairfield.

With no long-term substitute drugs being used in this holistic program, addicts have a chance to attain that sober future they dream of. The drug-free withdrawal phase, begun after any required medical detox is completed, is made more tolerable through the use of nutritional support and plenty of one-on-one work with trained staff. Many who complete this phase state it was the most tolerable withdrawal they ever experienced.

Aspects of Narconon that Help Achieve Lasting Recovery

Although an addict about to go through withdrawal may feel afraid of the discomforts he knows are ahead, there is no need to fear withdrawal at Narconon. Since an addictive lifestyle is hard on the body, and an addict does not often take very good care of himself, nutritional support helps. Essential nutrients that were depleted during addiction are replenished. Special techniques are administered by experienced staff that help ease the aches and pains of withdrawal. They also carefully monitor the person so he is getting enough sleep, a good diet and is as comfortable as possible.

Another factor that must be addressed is that drug residues stay lodged in the fatty tissues of the body, even for years after someone has come off drugs. The Narconon New Life Detoxification eliminates these residual drugs through the use of moderate exercise, nutritional supplements and time in a low heat sauna. This combination flushes the toxins from the system and results in clearer thinking and a refreshed body.

Then, continuing to address addiction from many angles, the recovering addict will do the Narconon Life Skills Courses. This series of unique courses educate the recovering individual in handling life better. When he returns to his day-to-day life, he will need these skills to handle stress and obstacles without turning to a pill or drink. One such course is the Ups and Downs in Life Course. This course helps proof the person against some of the factors that led him to begin drug use, in particular, relationships with ill-intentioned people. Each person learns how to spot these people and prevent them from having a negative effect, and also how to determine which people will make safe and sober friends and associates.

For an alternative program providing effective treatment for addiction, contact Narconon. Here an addict can find drug abuse becomes a thing of the past and he can live an ethical and honest life. Sobriety is a reality.

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Fairfield Needs Drug Rehab that Protects against Relapse

Many rehabs are not successful in giving an addict the lasting recovery needed, and even state that relapse is part of recovery. Nothing could be further from the truth. When an addict is proofed against relapse with Narconon, he has much less chance of becoming involved in drug abuse, drug-related crime, and violence.

Fairfield, California has seen enough crime and other ill effects stemming from drug trafficking in the county. In the news a few years ago was a huge drug bust involving entertainment personalities in the area, with 25 arrests. The federal investigation turned up four pounds of cocaine, heroin and large amounts of Ecstasy. Suspects came from Fairfield, Vallejo and other nearby areas. Other related seizures included loaded firearms worth thousands of dollars. Some of the individuals charged belonged to a local street gang known for violence and mayhem.

The Fairfield police do whatever they can to stem the tide of drug-related deaths, including catching those driving who are addicted to alcohol. They put up checkpoints to catch drunk drivers and have stiff fines and penalties. However, the real need is for an effective drug rehab for Fairfield that will provide an addicted person with lasting sobriety and a chance for a happy future.