Drug Rehab for Berkeley, California

Berkeley California

When a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, family and friends see a drastic change in the person they thought they knew. The addictive personality is not easy to live with. The addict destroys relationships and creates bad situations in his life. He makes mistakes and then denies the fact that they were mistakes. He even denies he has a problem, although, to everyone else, it is very clear that he is losing everything dear to him.

For an individual in Berkeley who is looking for an effective drug rehabilitation program that can provide lasting sobriety, Narconon may be the answer.

The Narconon drug rehabilitation centers in California offer a holistic drug treatment program. Here someone recovering from addiction will find an alternative to other programs that simply have a revolving door of rehab, stating that “relapse is part of recovery.” This is far from the truth at Narconon. Our premier center in Ojai offers a private luxurious setting and services many executives and professionals who require a higher level of privacy and care. Narconon Warner Springs resides in a peaceful desert setting in the San Diego county area.

Narconon Ojai
Narconon Ojai Drug Rehabilitation Center

Narconon Works to Proof a Recovering Addict against Relapse

Protecting a recovering addict from relapsing into drug abuse is vital in any effective rehabilitation. When an addicted person enters rehab, he has left behind him many bad situations and destroyed relationships. There were reasons he turned to drugs or alcohol in the first place. All these reasons must be addressed in order to achieve lasting sobriety.

The Narconon Life Skills Courses give a recovering individual the tools he or she needs to go back into the world and live an honest and productive life without drugs. He is taught how to restore or rebuild his personal integrity and regain the trust of others. He learns how to weather the stresses of life without needing to reach for a pill, joint or drink. He or she has a much better chance of finding lasting sobriety and relief from addiction as a result.

An example of one of these courses is the Ups and Downs in Life Course. This course educates the student in how to recognize those people who could influence him into falling back into the trap of addiction and how to develop positive relationships where his sobriety is supported and encouraged.

Important Aspects of the Narconon Program that Save Addicted Lives

Withdrawal will be the first step at Narconon. Without employing drug substitutes, the drug-free withdrawal is an important start to a full recovery addiction. Substituting addictive replacement drugs never is a good way to achieve a drug-free life. In some cases, a medical detox may be required for a person to safely step down from their level of drug use, but this is a short-term use of substitute drugs, and once that is completed with medical approval they may start the drug-free withdrawal. The use of nutritional support and one-on-one assistance by trained staff, these methods help repair the damage done by drugs or alcohol and ease the discomfort associates with drug withdrawal.

Those who have studied the effects of drug abuse on the body know that all drugs are not eliminated from the system when someone stops using them. Drug residues remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body and cause confused and foggy thinking and have been known to contribute to the triggering of drug cravings, even for years after drug use has ceased. The Narconon New Life Detoxification employs a combination of moderate exercise, a strict regimen of nutritional supplements and time in a low heat sauna to flush these stored poisons from the system.

Avoiding the Very Real Risks of Relapse in a Dangerous Environment

Without a truly effective drug rehab for Berkeley, tragedy is never far away. An example is the UC Berkeley college student who overdosed on illicit drugs, ending up with severe brain damage. His mother is suing the university as she says that rampant drug use at her son’s place of residence on campus was known about beforehand and nothing was done about it.

Drug trafficking rings often target colleges and high schools. These criminal groups transport drugs into the region via the seaports and by the extensive highway system in the state. Thus drugs arrive into the area from the Mexican border and other California cities. Recently twelve people who were arrested for being part of a drug trafficking ring were arrested. They had purchased three pounds of heroin to sell throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

In another recent event, a man in Sacramento was sentenced for distributing methamphetamine and ecstasy in California and to other U.S. states. Seized as part of this investigation were over twenty-five pounds of methamphetamine and 13,000 ecstasy pills as well as firearms and an active meth lab.

Berkeley, California lies within the Northern California High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. This region is designated as such by law enforcement due to the large amount of illegal drugs that are produced and distributed here. Significant threats exist with trafficking of methamphetamine coming from Mexico originally, and being distributed throughout California and other parts of the United States.

The wide availability of illicit substances and the extreme risk of violence and drug-related crime are frightening. An effective drug rehab for Berkeley residents is a vital necessity, and it must provide the tools that proof a recovering addict against relapse. The Narconon program gives a person the to achieve a happy and productive future—an ethical and honest life without drugs.