Drug Rehab for Anaheim, California

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If you are looking for a drug rehab program near Anaheim, less than two hours away the Narconon Warner Springs drug rehabilitation center provides a holistic program that addresses both physical and mental aspects of recovery. This facility offers a long-term residential program designed to address the whole individual and all aspects of addiction.

An addict will do anything to alleviate the cravings that drive him, including alienating his family and friends, lying and stealing. He knows he is destroying his life with addiction, but there seems to be no way to stop. All his attention and push is on satisfying the need for the next pill, joint or drink. He feels hopeless and often isolates himself from others who could help.

The only hope he has is to find a drug rehabilitation program that can provide him with lasting sobriety and help him to live a drug-free and happy life. The Narconon program in Warner Springs, California can give him the relief he is searching for.

Narconon Warner Springs facility

Inpatient Services that Heal Addicted Lives

Many addicts have attempted withdrawal without much success. However, the withdrawal at Narconon is not to be dreaded or feared. Through the use of generous nutritional support, relaxation techniques and reorientation exercises, withdrawal is made more tolerable. Trained staff administer effective techniques to aid in easing the discomforts and difficulties experienced during withdrawal. Reorientation exercises are employed to help the recovering individual get oriented and more comfortable in his new safe surroundings.

Lasting Sobriety Requires a Thorough Detoxification

Residual drugs remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body long after drug use has ceased. They have been known to be involved in the triggering of drug cravings for years after someone has come off drugs. The Narconon New Life Detoxification flushes these residual toxins from the body using a unique combination of time in a low heat sauna, moderate exercise, and nutritional supplements. Cleaning the body of these poisonous residues provides clearer thinking and a cleaner, refreshed body.


After the toxic residues are eliminated, the recovering individual feels much relief and feels ready to face the world again. However, the Narconon program is not yet complete. Next comes the Narconon Life Skills Courses, a series of courses providing key tools to enable the recovering addict to better handle their new life without drugs.

Contact us today to find out how the Narconon program near Anaheim in Southern California can help you or your loved one overcome addiction once and for all.

Drug Trafficking Creates Easy Availability of Drugs

From LA County to Orange County, drug trafficking and criminal activity create a dangerous environment. Drug cartels and criminal groups find ways to transport drugs into California that challenge authorities. For example, TSA screeners were compromised and they sold out for cash payments, allowing luggage filled with drugs, such as cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana into LAX.

In the past, Anaheim has been the site of some of the largest drug seizures ever. In one seizure, two tons of cocaine was seized and in another, 3600 pounds of cocaine were found. In 2007, $6 million in heroin along with other drugs were seized in Anaheim Plaza, an area known for crime and drug dealing. More recently, there have been incidents of methamphetamine production, one involving an explosion in a motel.

One sees the need for an effective drug rehab for people in the Anaheim area that will provide a recovering addict with effective proofing against the temptations that await him once back in the world.

When a person is caught up in the trap of addiction, you will find that Narconon will help that person leave drugs behind and finally be able to live the life they want. Drug and alcohol addiction can be overcome.