Drug Education Center

Narconon Versilia

Raffaele Esposito

Via della Ficalia, 597

55054 Massarosa (Lucca) Italy

Phone: 3405839702

Email: r_esposito14@virgilio.it

In Italy, long-standing channels for bringing cocaine and heroin into the country have wreaked havoc among the population. Narconon rehabilitation centers are located across the country to provide recovery but there is another approach to eliminating drug abuse that is needed. That is drug prevention. From Massarosa, Italy, this service is provided to schools and youth groups in the area.

Massarosa is just a short distance from the beautiful resort towns where the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas meet. Despite the relaxed atmosphere along this coast, drugs can infiltrate any home and any life. When children are prevented from ever starting to use drugs, lives are saved. Hearts are not broken by the terrible changes an addicted person goes through.

Drug prevention is needed in every corner of the world and in Massarosa, Narconon Versilia brings better prospects into Italian homes.