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Narconon Kharkov, Ukraine

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Drug Prevention

Newton Street 125b, 4.

Kharkov City

61162 Ukraine

Phone: (38) 057-336-4482

E-Mail: narcononyw@mail.ru

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National Drug Prevention Across the Ukraine

drug prevention in the Ukraine

Recognizing back in the 1990’s that drugs were ruining her country, Marina Gribinova of the Ukraine decided to really do something about it. She received comprehensive Narconon drug educator training and set out to reach children and adults virtually everywhere in her homeland. Starting from Kharkov, she soon was personally lecturing to 25,000 school children per year.

over 200,000 people received drug prevention in the Ukraine

Madame Gribanova has since delivered 3,200 lectures to 200,000 people at 450 schools and universities and gone on to train many others in drug education. She professionally videotaped her presentation and has already distributed 3500 DVDs to schools and other organizations. Additionally, 18 television stations, from Dneproprtrovsk to Odessa, have broadcast her talks to tens of millions of viewers.

Narconon Ukraine delivering a drug prevention presentation