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Narconon Belgium

For more than 20 years, the personnel in charge of Narconon Belgium have held back the tide of drug abuse by reaching more than 1.5 million students with their drug-free message. In addition to the drug education classes offered, Narconon Belgium also offers workshops on the kinds of life skills that are needed to stay sober. These are offered to anyone interested in having a better life.

A family seeking to help an addicted loved one can find rehab help through Narconon Belgium. The staff at Narconon Belgium have referred many people to Narconon centers throughout Europe, helping the family understand how this problem came about as well.

In its location on the North Sea, Belgium is directly on one of the major drug trafficking channels in the world. Huge ports in Antwerp and nearby Rotterdam, some of the largest in the world, mean that chemicals to make drugs and finished drugs ready for sale can easily move in and out of the country in containers. The most prominent drug in the country is marijuana, but heroin, cocaine (from South America) and synthetic drugs are also used in significant quantities. There are close links to the groups making Ecstasy and other synthetics in the neighboring Netherlands, and many illicit drug manufacturing facilities have been shut down in Belgium.