How to Recover from Heroin Addiction

woman with an addiction problem

Around the world, agencies involved in treating drug addiction to heroin seem to have largely assumed that heroin addiction cannot be overcome. So they seek to alleviate or reduce some of the damage being done by drug abuse rather than try to eliminate it. Clean needle distribution, clean shooting rooms where heroin addicts can go to shoot up under medical supervision, methadone substitution programs and even programs run in some parts of Europe that provide heroin addicts with pharmaceutical grade heroin—these all try to prevent overdoses or spread of disease or help a person out of a marginal or criminal existence.

However, the only reason for these solutions is the failure to find a real, lasting solution to drug addiction to heroin. In many cases, the people who qualify for these others types of help have failed repeatedly at sobriety after various other kinds of treatment.

Narconon Does Not Use Substitute Drugs for Treatment of Heroin Addiction 

In contrast to these programs that do not lead to a drug-free life, there is Narconon. This international network of rehab centers understand the factors that keep heroin addicts trapped in that never-ending round of acquiring and using drugs. The Narconon program does not involve using substitute drugs as a form of treatment. Drugs like methadone or buprenorphine formulas like Suboxone or Subutex are not used. Each heroin addict is helped through steps to repair the damage done by addiction and rebuild life skills that were destroyed by years or even decades of drug use. 

New Life Detox

One of the most important kinds of repair that needs to be done is to bring the cravings for heroin or opiates under the control of the recovering person. The Narconon program has a healthy way of eliminating residual drugs that stay locked in the body. Sometimes even years after a person stops using heroin, certain circumstances can trigger these cravings, resulting in a relapse. But with the New Life Detoxification which uses moderate exercise, nutritional supplementation and time spent in a low-heat sauna, these residues are flushed out and cravings drop remarkably. Some people even say they are gone. At this point, the recovering heroin addict becomes interested in creating a drug-free life for himself or herself.

The Intake Counselors at Narconon centers around the world are very familiar with the effects of addiction to opioids such as heroin, morphine, codeine, OxyContin, hydrocodone, and others.  Call and speak to a counselor about what opiate is being abused and how long it has been going on. Tell them if there are special circumstances related to the addiction such as legal situations or health problems. You can be quickly on your way to the solution you have been seeking.

Don’t wait till tomorrow, as every day brings the danger of an overdose to a heroin addict. Call today.