Help With Cocaine Addiction

helping an addict

Addiction is essentially a vicious cycle of drug use followed by cravings that drive a person to find more drugs, more drug use and then getting more drugs and so on. Once the body develops a tolerance and dependence on addictive substances, it seems to almost turn on the person who would really rather live a clean and sober lifestyle. The desire to quit is not enough for most people—they need help with recovery from addiction.

Those addicted to cocaine suffer sharp cravings for the stimulant when they try to quit using it. And since cocaine is a strong stimulant, the body suffers a letdown, fatigue, and depression when the drug is withdrawn. The person trying to get off cocaine may be suffering from paranoia and during recovery, may become suicidal. Help with cocaine addiction is best done with professional support. This is the safest and surest way to recover from cocaine addiction—if you pick the right professionals.

The best and most successful format for help with addiction is a holistic recovery program. A holistic program addresses the entire person, the problems that started off the drug abuse and the life skills that are going to be needed to stay sober in the future. This is the program offered at Narconon programs offered on six continents.

For the last fifty years, those addicted to cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other drugs have found a healthy, holistic way to recover from addiction. By using generous doses of nutrition and gentle objective exercises during withdrawal, cocaine addicts can avoid the worst of the crash, cravings, depression, and desperation that can occur at this time. For many people, this support results in the most tolerable withdrawal they have ever experienced.

The program goes on to help a person come out of old ways of thinking they learned during addiction and see the world as a bright place again. They learn how to pick people they can trust and how to avoid those who would lead back into trouble, and a dozen other critically important life skills that will help them stay drug-free after graduation.

This is real help for cocaine addiction, not a false hope, some a short stay at rehab followed by the hope that you will be able to make the right decisions when you get out. You’ll know how when you complete the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. You get help with all the major factors that keep a person trapped in cocaine addiction: guilt, cravings and depression.

If you are locked in an addiction or if you are trying to help someone who is, contact Narconon and find out where your closest Narconon center is. Join the tens of thousands of others who have regained their sobriety through this program. With effective help for cocaine addiction, you can find yourself with a lasting sobriety. Call Narconon today and find out how quickly you can be on your way to a solution.