Understanding the Dangers of Stimulant Abuse

Prescription drug injection

There are many drugs in this category, both illicit and prescription drugs. Stimulants are highly addictive—some of these drugs can addict a person in just a use or two. They also create tremendous strain on the heart, arteries, brain and other organs. It’s vital to recognize the signs of use and know what to do if someone you care about is using these drugs.



What Stimulants are Commonly Abused?

Learn about the types of stimulants that most people could be using.

Stimulant needle


A Description of the Major Stimulants

More information on the primary stimulants people use and become addicted to.

Stimulant drug abuse

Stimulant Drug Abuse

What You Can Do About Stimulant Abuse

You should know what to do to prevent stimulant use and how to deal with it if a loved one shows signs of using this drug. Find a complete guide here.



Health risks of using stimulants

Focus on the physical and mental harm caused by these strong drugs, including the possibility of heart attack, paranoia, depression and suicide.

Teen stimulant use

Teen Stimulant Abuse

Teens and Stimulant use

Which stimulants are young people using?

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