What you can do about Prescription Drug Abuse

All types of addiction are cruel, but prescription drug addiction is particularly cruel because these drugs were designed to provide medical support for the sick and injured. In many cases, those who are addicted began using these drugs just as directed. Many were not adequately informed of the addictive potential of the drug. They just found they needed more of the drug as time went on and then they could not stop taking it, even if they wanted to.

Prescription Drug Abuse

In other cases, some people started out abusing a prescription drug, thinking it was safer than abusing an illicit drug. But in the end, they were just as addicted as a person using an illicit drug. It also happens that some people who start with prescription drugs migrate to the use of street drugs.

By educating your children very early on the problems that can arise from the abuse of these drugs, you can provide a great degree of protection. Even if you do this, you need to also be alert to the signs and symptoms of prescription drug abuse so you can catch this problem early, should it show up.

The first part of this report will educate YOU so you can turn around and educate your children. This report is specifically written to be easy for a parent to understand, and to provide a well-rounded understanding of the problem so it can be faced and handled. The second part of this report provides advice on how to educate your children.

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