Understanding the Dangers of Inhalant Abuse

Inhaling Inhalant Drug

These addictive and deadly substances are found in nearly every home in the world. Unfortunately, they are popular substances for abuse by teens and even pre-teens.

National estimates of inhalant abuse state that more than 6% of eighth graders have abused these substances in the past year. But that is not the most frightening statistic. What is more terrifying is that two-thirds of eighth graders don’t think there is any risk to abusing inhalants once or twice. Four in ten don’t think it is harmful to abuse them regularly.

Educate your children and protect them from organ damage or death.

What You Can Do About Inhalant Abuse

A guide to understanding and handling the problem

Inhalant effects

Anyone who might abuse these substances needs to know that even the first try can be deadly.

Signs and Symptoms

Know how to identify the signs of inhalant abuse - it might help you save someone’s life.

Learn All About Inhalants

Find out what products around your home can be abused.

How Inhalants are Abused

What methods could your children be using to get high with these substances? And what nicknames do they use for them?

Detecting Inhalant Abuse

Read the list of what to look for if inhalants are being abused.

Is He Addicted?

Learn the signs of addiction to inhalants so you know how serious the problem is.

Help for Parents

How do you approach your children on this subject? Helpful tips.

Health Risks

In-depth information on all the ways inhalants can harm a person’s health.

Risk of Death

The six ways inhalants can kill a person. This is vital to know.

Disastrous Effects

Learn the effects when a person repeatedly abuses inhalants.

Threats to Health

Brain, heart and kidneys are particularly at risk.

Potential Damage to Lungs, Liver and Mind

Youth need to know how they can damage their future health.

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