Karen in Drug Information
September 27, 2018

Drug Enforcement Administration Updates List of Slang Terms for Drugs

For parents and professionals, knowing the slang terms for popular drugs might mean the difference between detecting drug use and addiction and missing it. The DEA has just published an updated list of drug slang that can help with this vital task.


Karen in Drug overdoses
June 30, 2017

What Two New Forecasts of Drug Overdose Deaths Missed

In the last few weeks, two major companies have published estimates and predictions of the number of Americans who will be lost to lose to drug overdoses. But both estimates seem to miss a piece of that big picture.


Karen in Signs of drug use
March 9, 2017

Teens Misuse Cough Medicines ’Lean and DXM Without Knowing They’re Deadly and Addictive

Walk into any average-sized middle school or high school classroom in America. You’ll probably be looking at about 25 teenagers. One of those young people has probably already misused cough medicine to get high without realizing the dangers.


Karen in Drug prevention
January 30, 2017

Ten Things Parents Can Do Right Now to Reduce the Chance of Drug Abuse

The majority of parents want with all their hearts for their children to grow up drug-free, healthy and successful. But this task has never been more difficult. Narconon offers ten things parents can do right now.


Sue Birkenshaw in Drug Addiction
August 8, 2014

Watching for the Abuse of Over-the-Counter Substances

If there are young teens or even pre-teens in your household, it would be smart for you to learn about the drugs that they might be tempted to use. There are two types of drugs that this age group might start using: inhalants and cough medicine. Inhalants are available everywhere.