Karen in Alcohol
June 21, 2018

Young Binge-Drinking Women Could Damage their Bones for Life

A new study on the effects of binge drinking has revealed a new and lasting danger associated with this activity. Binge drinking during one’s younger years has been shown to have a permanently damaging effect on the strength of a woman’s bones.


Karen in Prescription drug abuse
December 3, 2017

Is Our “Pill-For-Everything” Mentality Damaging Our Young Adults?

On college campuses, the misuse of prescription painkillers, stimulants and alcohol has forced schools to rally around those in recovery. But why are so many students having this problem?


Karen in Alcohol
November 6, 2017

Should Bartenders Receive Specialized Training to Prevent DUIs?

Do bartenders have enough training to prevent patrons from driving while intoxicated? Would mandatory training prevent more drunk driving deaths?


Karen in Drug prevention
January 6, 2017

Save Your Teen by Spotting Changes that Result from Drug Use

Far too often, drug use progresses to addiction and even an overdose death without a parent realizing what the real problem was. It’s more important than ever that a parent know how to identify the mental, emotional and behavioral changes that occur when a teen begins to use drugs.