I Can Be a Part of the World, Susan’s Narconon Success

Susan Photo
Susan, 15 years sober          

I had chosen alcohol over myself, my family, and life. What had started out as fun-drinking in high school, escalated to almost-killing-myself drinking 20 years later. From a few drinks here and there to two – three fifths in a couple of days.

I broke up my marriage of 14 years because I did not want anyone telling me how to live my life. I embarrassed my children to the point that they did not want me around them or their friends.

I avoided family gatherings with my parents and siblings. My parents were afraid of coming over to my house and finding me dead. I would rather sit by myself and drink, not wanting anyone to see just how much I was drinking, not wanting to hear I should go to rehab.

Blackouts during drinking started to become normal to me. Hearing from my family and friends what I had said or done and finding myself in the hospital or jail for something I had done during a blackout had become ordinary.

I did try several different rehabs, including going to AA meetings. That worked for a while. I believed I had everything under control but then I went right back to the drinking. The insanity of it was that I believed I had everything under control.

My parents came to me about trying one more rehab, a place called Narconon. I thought why not, I can get a change of scenery for a bit and just maybe get my life back on track.

“WOW,” but that just does not do justice to what I got out of this program.

After going through the detoxification program, my body felt cleaner, I was sleeping better, the fog lifted and I could think clearer, I felt alive!

But that was just the beginning of my journey. I went on to do the courses. The blinders I had been wearing started to fall away, making me aware I was living my life in the past, and bringing me to present time. I realized what I had been doing and how that had been affecting me and others. I acquired the right tools to help me handle different situations in life.

When I finished this program, I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt freer and capable to live my life successfully. I knew I could be part of this world, where I could contribute to society, and thrive as a daughter, a wife, a mother, and as a friend.

I graduated in 2005 and I used the tools I learned. I have a wonderful new husband, a great relationship with my children and family, and many new friends.

Thank you, Narconon!!

—Susan, Narconon graduate



Sachi loves to help others and has been working in and with L. Ron Hubbard Social Betterment programs for 11 years. You can follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn.