Narconon Was the One that Worked

Chris - graduate of Narconon

When I was 17 a friend talked me into trying crack cocaine. I had never had it before. With one puff I was immediately addicted. I knew I was going to have a problem with it right away. And I did—for the next 19 years, until I found Narconon.

I was beat up, shot at, robbed and mugged. (These kinds of things happen when you have money and drive a nice car into a drug neighborhood to buy crack.) I could not stop.

In my mind, I had become a bad person. Every time I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t stand who I had become.

I went to three quite expensive drug rehabs and none of them worked. These programs were supposed to be the very best. Yet I started using drugs again not long after leaving each one.

After one of the rehabs and a time in sober living, I thought I was doing well, so I enrolled in college. One day on my way to school, I took a wrong turn and decided to keep driving in that direction to get drugs. I went off the deep end again—so deep that I wound up in jail.

My parents sent me some information about Narconon and it seemed interesting. They came to jail to talk to me about it and we decided that the different approach of Narconon might work. What really stood out was the fact that Narconon used vitamins, exercise and a sauna. And they didn’t call addiction a disease.

"The other drug rehab programs used medication and methods of therapy that did not make sense to me. Narconon turned out to be quite different..."

The other drug rehab programs used medication and methods of therapy that did not make sense to me.

Narconon turned out to be quite different.

In the Narconon withdrawal, I liked the fact that I was taking vitamins and doing simple procedures to get extroverted.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. The clarity of thinking that I came away with was amazing. I was in a much better place, both physically and mentally. I was on my game, spot on with everything I was doing. I was able to remember things that I had blocked out. Up to that point, there were many things that I had wanted to forget and I had made myself forget.

The Objectives helped me to break out of my shell. I became more aware of my surroundings and what was happening around me. I felt clear and focused in regards to life in general.

While doing the Ups and Downs course, I realized that everybody in my life that I had been interacting with had been bringing me down. I was dealing with nothing but drug dealers and people on the street. I learned to bring better people into my life. The information on that course is still quite helpful to me today. It’s so ingrained in me that I use the information without thinking about it. If I come into contact with people that aren’t good for me, I handle them in a way that doesn’t bring me down or affect me or others negatively.

On the Personal Values and Integrity course, I was able to take responsibility for my life. I clearly saw how I had brought all of my troubles onto myself. I faced things that I had done like lying and stealing from my family and my own son. I finally understood why my brother had called me a narcissist. I spent a lot of time on this part of the program—just looking at myself.

After completing this course, I felt much better about myself and I was in much better communication with everyone in my family—I could talk to my siblings. I was able to explain to them how I was finally able to take responsibility. The information from the course has helped me with every relationship in my life that has really mattered to me.

On the Changing Conditions in Life course, I learned formulas to improve my life. I still apply what I learned on that course every day. I know what step to take at any time to help my business, life and family improve.

These formulas have absolutely helped me in both my professional and especially my personal life.

I would recommend the Narconon program to anyone. My parents had spent tens of thousands of dollars on previous rehabs, but Narconon was the one that worked.

I continue to use what I learned at Narconon every day. With the help of what I learned; I can get back on track whenever life starts to get rough.

In closing, my life has greatly improved across every sphere. My health, marriage and work are great!

My sense of ethics is high. I have good relationships with all my family.

I’d say that across the boards my life is better because of the Narconon program.

—Chris, Narconon Graduate



Sachi loves to help others and has been working in and with L. Ron Hubbard Social Betterment programs for 11 years. You can follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn.