Recovered Addict has Message of Hope for Others

Chris - before and after
                                            Chris, before and after

Thanks to my best friend, and my family, I finally agreed to get the help I desperately needed. I arrived at the Narconon program as a shell of myself. I was hallucinating and my weight had dropped from 185 pounds down to 130 pounds. The cravings for drugs totally overrode my other normal activities of life, including any hunger I felt.

For the first week or so after arriving, the staff helped me get through the withdrawal from drugs with a lot of rest, nutritious foods, vitamins and various exercises. All of that allowed me to stay in the moment and not dwell in my mind about drugs or all the harm I had done to others and myself.

As soon as I was medically cleared and over the worst of the withdrawal effects, I began the New Life Detoxification Program, which made me feel like I was a kid again! I started exercising and regaining my weight and health. I also lost my physical cravings for the drugs.

After finishing the New Life Detoxification, my health had recovered and I could begin working on the mental cause of my addiction. This was the most difficult part of the program but was the most rewarding part by far. This is where I realized how I had hit rock bottom and what the causes were. More importantly, it gave me tools to fix myself and handle any and all upsets in life.

Since completing the program I have been drug-free for over 10 years and have built a successful company, all while handling all the daily interruptions of life.

In closing, I need to thank all of those involved with Narconon, not only for saving my life but also for giving me the tools to succeed in a drug-free productive life.

I hope that anyone reading my story who needs help, whether for themselves or for someone else will get to a Narconon center as soon as possible!

Proud Graduate, Chris



Sachi loves to help others and has been working in and with L. Ron Hubbard Social Betterment programs for 11 years. You can follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn.