Narcan Proof Heroin

Overdose Victim

The horrors of the current opioid epidemic have affected so many people. Tearing families’ and addicts’ lives apart. The overdose reversal drug, naloxone better known by its brand name Narcan came at out at a time when it was badly needed.

In a shocking development, a new strain of fentanyl, a drug commonly mixed into heroin, appears to to be resistant to Narcan. According to, it is not confirmed yet but it is suspected to be the cause of 47 overdose deaths in Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Authorities fear the ramifications if any opiates begin to be unaffected by Narcan. Between 1996 and 2014, 26,500 overdoses in the U.S. were reversed by laypersons using naloxone according to the CDC.

Ultimately Effective long-term drug treatment is the best option but in the short term, Narcan is the only option. It is not treatment and does nothing to solve the drug addiction but has opened the door for many to have a second chance at life and sobriety.

You can find out the availability of Narcan in your area with our resource on Narcan availability. Training to use Narcan is easy as they sell it as a nasal spray in many states over the counter.

All of us at Narconon urge you not to wait until it is too late for your loved one. Get them into treatment that really addresses the issues they have. Narconon prides itself on getting to the underlying issues a person runs into that led them to struggle with drug addiction in the first place.

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Aaron has been writing drug education articles and documenting the success of the Narconon program for over two years.