A Comment on the Narconon Sauna Detoxification

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In the field of addiction treatment, what is usually meant when you say “detox” is a medically supervised period of coming off the drugs a person was using. When a person is coming off heavy levels of drinking, close medical care and support are needed to prevent injury during withdrawal. Some other drugs, like benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, and others) may cause dangerous symptoms during withdrawal that also require close support. At the end of detox, a person is sober. He will not be prepared to deal with all the challenges of life on his own, he is just free from the immediate effects of drugs. He may still suffer from cravings. Few people remain sober if their only help is detox.

At Narconon, detoxification means something very different. A person may first complete a medically supervised detox as above, and then once they begin the Narconon program will continue with a nutritionally based drug-free withdrawal that assists them through the final stages of withdrawal from the drugs. Yet this is only the beginning.

At Narconon what we call detoxification is much more extensive and yet is still just one phase of our overall program. The next step is called the Narconon New Life Detoxification. This detox is composed of three main elements: time in a sauna, moderate daily exercise and a carefully controlled program of nutritional supplements.

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Every day, a person exercises to get his blood moving and then spends time in a medium-heat dry sauna. He leaves as needed to cool down and shower and then returns to the sauna. Every day, the supervisor distributes the exact combination of vitamins and minerals that person should receive.

What happens then is pretty miraculous. Old drug toxins are sweated out of the body. Lab tests have measured the amount of residual drugs and chemicals that some people have flushed out. As the drugs leave, a person’s outlook brightens and his thinking gets clearer.

One of Our Graduates Describes the Changes from our New Life Detox

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I found an interview done on one of our graduates who had spent ten years using heroin and morphine, followed by seven years on methadone. His name was Joe and he finally found relief from that long addiction at Narconon. He talked about the effect of the Narconon detoxification method on his recovery.

Before he decided on Narconon, he said he’d “been looking at all these quick fixes, detoxes, but I figured there was no way, you can’t take years of addiction and it would be gone in 24 hours.”

He arrived at Narconon and early in the program, he went through the Narconon New Life Detoxification. He said, “When I got out of withdrawal, I could not sit still because my nervous system was shot. I would twitch and shake. I couldn’t stay focused more than three minutes. I don’t do that now, after the sauna.”

“You’re taking a bunch of vitamins, you’re sweating out those old toxins but you have this good stuff coming in, so you don’t really have any choice but to feel better. You’re sweating out the bad and putting in the good.”

About this method of getting clean and sober, he said, “This is an awesome way. You know you did it completely on your own. They have good people here that take care of you the whole time.”

You can learn more about the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program here.


Karen Hadley

For more than a decade, Karen has been researching and writing about drug trafficking, drug abuse, addiction and recovery. She has also studied and written about policy issues related to drug treatment.